Top 5 factors to consider while choosing a College

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There are so many ways to choose a college to pursue higher education. You could choose one on the basis of the city you want to live in or where your parents or siblings studied or even join the college where your friends wish to go and get the admission through Education Consultants in Bangalore in your dreamed Universities & Colleges.

However, ultimately you need to answer the question: does the college suit your needs & support your career goals?

What are some of the factors that can help you decide? Let’s look at a few factors here.

  1. Accreditation Standards

You are going to spend valuable time, money and effort in earning a degree to compete in the global job market; so why not make sure that the college or university has proper accreditations in place.

Briefly, accreditation implies that higher educational institutions have been certified by appropriate agencies that their curriculum is on par with regional & national standards. Students to make a major error here by assuming that all colleges are automatically accredited, which need not always be the case.

You can find out if the college of your choice is accredited by looking at the college’s official website, reviewing their prospectus ad course catalogs, speaking to their admission office or even looking up national college registries.

  1. Academic Superiority

The next important item you need to verify on the checklist is the reputation of the College’s academic departments. Are the teaching faculties well qualified in their areas of expertise?  Are they attuned to the latest industry trends? Will you be provided with hands on experience in the course curriculum and internship opportunities in your subject areas?

You could gather this information by speaking to the college alumni network or even potential employers.

Another important factor you need to bear in mind here is the college’s student-to-faculty ratio. The more the number of students the less likely it is that you will receive personalized attention.

  1. College Location

Based on the course you opt for, you would be spending anywhere between 2-5 years towards earning a higher degree and it would be a sheer waste of your time & energy if you don’t like college location and are miserable the whole time, irrespective of however good the institution itself is!

A better idea therefore is to check the weather conditions, student community, access to recreational facilities, safety & security concerns and over and above everything , the total living costs. You would also need to bear in mind that a big city might offer several distractions hampering your academic performance while a rural town may offer very limited extracurricular off- campus activities. A college which situated in a location which offers a blend of the two atmospheres would be the best bet.

  1. Cost overheads

You are going to college to increase your earning potential & market value; at the same time a college that burdens you with miscellaneous costs will only add to your long-term debts.

So when you are considering a college, make sure that every cost has been clearly spelled out by them over and above tuition fees; including textbook costs, hostel facilities, food, extracurricular, sports, laptops , lab, supplies or equipment.

  1. Placement Opportunities

You are evaluating a college not just towards earning a degree, but also to get exposed to placement opportunities in your chosen field. So it’s only right that you evaluate the cold, hard facts about how many students have been placed by that college and what are the job placement rates.

Top Colleges in Bangalore have separate placement cells which takes care of this entire placement end-to-end activities , you can ask them for  the contact details of students who have previously graduated and been placed & have a quick chat with them towards reconfirming your queries.

College years are always counted amongst the best years of one’s life; however they are also a critical time in your journey through adulthood and can make or mar many a bright future. Hence it’s extremely important that you tread cautiously down this path.

What has been your experience in finding a Best Colleges in Bangalore of your choice? Share your feedback & comments here.

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