Why you should go for an MBA ?

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Those are the number of employers across the globe, who believe that MBA graduates create value for their company!

The number of employers who planned to hire MBA’s globally was 88% in 2016 up from about 80% in 2015.  All of which mean that this is the ideal time for candidates wishing to pursue an MBA degree!

So what are the Top 10 reasons why you should go for an MBA degree?

  1. Earn more!

Global statistics reveal that an MBA holder earns double the salary paid to an ordinary university degree holder.  Its a universally accepted fact irrespective of the establishment you choose to work with, an MBA candidate is better & more heavily compensated vis-à-vis employees with other degree qualifications.


  1. Start off on your own!

Does the challenge of starting your own enterprise & contributing to the economic development of the country excite you? Then enrolling for  MBA Admission in Bangalore is the right option for you as it will equip you with the requisite knowledge & practices to operate your own business. You will learn business management, planning, handling finances which will help you to manage your own business effectively.


  1. More career opportunities!

When you pursue an MBA, there are several core areas you are groomed in including; human resources, statistics, technology, finance, marketing, technology, operations, systems, IT all of which richly qualify you to pursue multiple career opportunities in various business & public sectors as well.


  1. Build a Network!

When you enroll for an MBA program, you get to meet a wide cross section of professionals including, recruiters, key note speakers, industry experts, and entrepreneurs all of whom can prove to be good business partners or provide you with networking opportunities which would prove beneficial to you in the future.


  1. Earn while you learn!

Many MBA colleges in Bangalore now provide flexible weekend & weekday class schedules which means that you can continue to pursue your MBA while holding on to your job. Sure it would involve a lot of juggling & time management but would help take your career to new heights in the long run.


  1. Add credibility to your resume!

When your CV displays that you are an MBA qualified professional, you have that seal of credibility automatically tagged as you are assumed to be an expert at what you do. It shows would be employers, that you are competent and dedicated to a career in the domain of management. Also when you choose to specialize in any of the majors, you are again showing that you have mastery over that field be it finance, marketing, business consultation etc.


  1. Gain worldwide recognition of your credentials!

With an MBA, you are certified as a graduate with knowledge in all core areas and in chief managerial roles in any establishment.  An MBA degree is also universally recognized & accepted throughout the world & it can also be used to pursue other career fields as it is compatible with various other kinds of degree programs as well.


  1. Learn practical business!

A non-MBA graduate might feel uncertain about making operating decisions about business, however, whereas you as an MBA graduate have been exposed to case studies, industry visits & industry orientation is exposed to business issues beforehand & is therefore in a better position to take informed decisions.


  1. Enhance you communication skills!

Excellent communications skills are the keys to success in any job today. In the business world they are more so, as you will be making presentations, attending conferences & seminars, attending team meetings & networking events of the business world. An MBA will prepare you in advance by honing you communications, leadership, and presentations skills so that you already have that edge when you step into the job market.


  1. Become a business leader!

When you are equipped with an MBA degree you walk out as confident professional, with a new approach to life and equipped with leadership & survival skills to establish yourself as a business leader in the corporate world.


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