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Universal Business School Placement statistics

  •  Universal Business School Placements Division boast of 100% placement record with salary packages offered to candidates over the years showing a steady increase. Apart from India France, UAE, Turkey, Bahrain. Qatar, USA & Germany are some of the countries where UBS Students have been placed. UBS placement records are very impressive with its number speaking for itself.

    UBS placement Statistics for 2016 is as under:

  •  Total Number of Companies on Campus : 140 Companies
  •  Total Number of Interview Opportunities : 528 Interviews
  •  Pre-Finishing Course Offers (Within 12 months) : 106 Offers
  •  Highest Increase in Salary for Experienced Students : 250%
  •  Average No. of Interviews : 8.77 per person
  •  Highest Salary (Experienced) : Cardiff : Rs. 1.01 Crore (Venture Gulf Engineering)
  •  Highest Salary (Fresher) : Cardiff : Rs.7.00 Lacs
  •  Highest Salary : PGCM : Rs.6.5 Lacs
  •  Highest Salary: PGDM :Rs. 7.0 Lacs