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Acharya Law College Courses

The ABBS School Of Law Bangalore was set up in the year (2018-2019) with the intention of bridging the gap between supply and demand for practitioners of law. The college has been affiliated to the Karnataka State Law University. It has also been approved by the BCI or the Bar Council of India, Delhi.

This institute was founded with the vision of making Legal education as one of the preferred courses of learning for people with great judgement and intellect. The education system makes it's priority to instil in students a sense of moral, social and ethical responsibility in the discharge of its duty in the profession of their choice.

The system is focused on building a sense of responsibility in students and teaching them the universal nature of law. Students are expected to communicate legal requirements effectively keeping in line with the legal context.

The institute strives to create an environment that inspires professional learning by providing updated infrastructure facilities and excellent faculty who are both academically and experientially proficient.

Study of law has been the prefered choice of many aspiring students across the nation and it still is. That being said with time the type of courses in demand have changed. Today the ABBS School Of Law Course, BBA LLB or (Bachelor of Business Administration - Bachelor of Legislative Law) is in great demand. This is an integrated five year programme that has a lot to offer the aspiring student of law. The corporate world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the number of lawsuits and litigations filed annually. With the government of India tightening its whip on violators of law and its new and stricter rules and regulations have also fueled this growth.

Skilled legal practitioners are always in demand regardless the economic scenario. Bangalore is a great metropolitan city that receives a huge chunk of investments that flows into the nation each year. The city is also known as the silicon valley of India with stands host to massive number or Information Technology companies. The rise in the number of private companies have led to a proportional rise in the number of litigations filed each year.

BBA LLB is a unique course that gives students the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds, the world of business and the world of law. The corporate world is constantly in search of legal practitioners who have a sound understanding of the world of Business. This opens up a huge window of opportunity.

ABBS School Of Law Placements are expected to be in line with the reputation of the college. Students who graduate from this college of law have the opportunity of pursuing their career as a :

The job opportunities for a graduate of BBA LLB is enlisted below:

  • Legal Advisor
  • Associate legal advisor
  • Attorney General
  • Solicitor
  • Business consultant
  • Magistrate
  • Paralegal Assistant
  • Law reporter
  • Legal Consultant

For more info on Acharya Law School Admissions contact +91 9513999535

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