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We as an institution believe in moulding the students in their field of interest. We know when one is motivated and drawn towards a particular goal; they’ll do anything and everything in their capacity to achieve it. ACS College of Engineering Courses provides students with a wide range of opportunities to prove themselves and their talent.

Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and broadest Engineering disciplines, which apply the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. This field is growing day by day due to increasing requirement in Industries leading to advances in Technology.
Electronics and Communication The department has consistently intended to produce Electronics & Communication Engineering graduates of exceptional quality and calibre. The fast changing technological scenario poses to the Institute a challenge of continuously updating its curriculum and faculty to be able to provide state-of-art education to the students. Changes, both major and subtle, have been made by the department of Electronics and communication engineering, to be better prepared for tomorrow.
Computer Science Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Department Endeavour upon providing high quality technical education to meet the ever growing industry needs challenges in the emerging industries, social needs and provide all-round personality development with responsibility, emphasizing on quality, standards, research and innovation for students and faculty.
Civil Engineering Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physically built structures like bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings etc. and also it will take care of naturally built environment. Civil engineering is the broadest of the engineering fields. Civil engineers build the world’s infrastructure. It is an age-old profession and has been defined traditionally as a great art, on which the wealth and the well-being of the whole society depend.
Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE is the study of electrical systems which are used in different environments and contains basic electronic courses and more power system and applications of those. Electrical engineers are responsible for the generation, transfer and conversion of electrical power.
Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the design development and launching of satellite launch vehicle, defense missiles and satellites for different applications. Aerospace Engineering curriculum consist of mainly fundamental aerodynamics, structures and propulsion subjects of aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering in lower semesters and in higher semesters specialized topics like satellite launch vehicles design and analysis, Missile Design, Spacecraft design and analysis, Space dynamics, Intra planetary travels and Space environment.
Aeronautical Engineering The Course includes study in the areas of Aircraft Structures, Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Performance, Stability and Control, Avionics, Aircraft Systems & Flight testing, various simulation and modelling techniques and Flight Vehicle Design concepts. On successful completion of the course, the student may get opportunities to join various Aerospace industries like NAL, ARDC, GTRE, HAL, ISRO, TCS, Goodrich, Satyam Mahindra, Safran Engineering Services etc.
Bio Medical Engineering Biomedical engineering or medical engineering is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. BME is also traditionally known as "bioengineering", but this term has come to also refer to biological engineering. Students are trained to design biomedical equipment and devices, such as artificial internal organs, replacements for body parts, and machines for diagnosing medical problems. Install, adjust, maintain, repair, or provide technical support for biomedical equipment.
Sciences and Humanities Other than our Engineering programmes ACSCE also impart education in the field of Sciences- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

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