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Administrative Management College Review

Over the course of four decades, AMC has honed a distinctive approach to enriching the educational journey of our engineering and management programs. The college takes an all-encompassing role in its students' academic lives, fostering a pursuit of excellence from the moment they set foot on their campus. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cultivate both knowledge and advanced critical thinking skills, setting a high standard for academic achievement.

At the heart of their educational philosophy lies the belief that true learning occurs when theory is put into practice. Thus, they actively engage their students in hands-on projects and practical applications, ensuring a deeper understanding of engineering and management concepts that endures. Their dynamic learning model extends to include guest lectures, seminars, conferences, and industry visits, providing students with firsthand insights into real-world practices and emerging technologies.

The college firmly believes that the finest engineers and managers are those who possess well-rounded qualities. Acknowledging the significance of physical and mental well-being, they have integrated sports as part of the curriculum as a testament to their commitment to their students' holistic development. They also champion individual interests and talents by nurturing vibrant clubs and cultural forums.

At AMC, every facet of a student's experience and every opportunity afforded to them are meticulously planned and carry immense potential for personal growth. They are dedicated to ensuring that each student's journey with them is not only meaningful but also transformative, helping them evolve into well-rounded individuals poised for success.


  • GYM
  • Hostel
  • TV Room
  • Library
  • Cricket Stadium

Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, Volley Ball, Football, Hand Ball, Judo, Table Tennis, Kabbadi, and Athletics are the sports the students can practice.

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