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Architecture Colleges in Bangalore Admission

Bachelor of Architecture is a 5 year which gives the student output who becomes licensed and professional architects who will be further authorized to do private constructions and government constructions. There is an increased demand to this course due to increase in construction of shopping malls, flyovers in cities and other commercial complexes. Designing of models of building, preparing construction's blueprint and other physical structure of any land and building can be fulfilled only by an architect. There are various academic options after Bachelor of Architecture that a student can go for choosing as higher study. The most beneficial study option is M.Arch (Master in Architecture) which mainly focuses on the specialization in architecture career. Students can even choose to do Postgraduate courses such as Postgraduate Diploma Program in Design (PGDPD).

An Architect has to work differently on different projects or assignments hence the mainly required skills in this course are drawing skills, analytical skills and constructing skills. This also requires practical skills apart from theoretical skills. If one is interested in doing a different kind of activity every time by his/her own then they should opt for this course. This course requires initiative abilities, challenges-accepted attitude, and hands-on-work style.

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