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Al Ameen Dental College Bijapur Placement

The college was established with an objective of supporting the weakest section of the Nation, i.e. rural population. Al Ameen Dental College Bijapur was started to serve students with the best dental care and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Now the college has become synonyms with one of the Best Private Dental Colleges in Bijapur.

Salary Scope after BDS: The fresher graduates can expect an earning of salaries varying from 15k to 30k depending upon the job type they have applied for and the dental clinics where they are employed at. The graduates can get a better chance of getting smart salaries after pursuing MDS. The postgraduates with the MDS degree generally make 5-6 Lakhs per annum. There is also variation in the salaries depending upon city to city as its evident that the medical charges in the metro cities are costlier and expensive than those in small town and cities.

The college also provides several platforms and the interactive programs to groom up the students towards the field of medicines. The college also arranges the one year duration rotating internship program for the students to get a hands-on and a practical idea of this field. Pursuing BDS successfully will open up various opportunities for students in the government as well as private sector.

Job Opportunities: The college offers immense opportunities and exposure to the students in the medical field. The medical aspirants can opt for BDS program as several job opportunities are available in the field of medicine. BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) is one of the most popular and sought after course next to the MBBS. The students with successful completion of 5 years in this program can practice dentistry once they have acquired the license.

After the completion of BDS degree the graduates are entitled to use the prefix as doctor. The students also perform very well at the Al Ameen Dental College Placement. There is abundance of jobs once a student gets his degree in dentistry as doctor. Also the opportunities for higher studies are available after the graduate degree in BDS.

The career profile for BDS is changing rapidly, creating several chances and challenges for the fresher looking for job. With the modern lifestyle, dental problems are common nowadays in all in all the sections of society. All such problems need a professional suggestion and sound treatment to keep teeth fit and healthy for longer time. This way the dentistry profession has become more demanding. A lot of young and skilled professionals are getting inside this profession and making it a way more promising service.

The medical field has grown massively in the past decades that it has led to job openings in private sector as well. Several of the good colleges provide the placement opportunity in dental healthcare centers and private hospitals. The government also hires the dentists in government hospitals and other departments on the basis of entrance exam conducted by a competitive body from government itself. The graduates can also open to open their clinic to treat the patients.

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Yes, graduates of BIDS have good job prospects and can expect to find employment in reputed dental clinics, hospitals, and healthcare organizations.
Yes, graduates of BIDS are in demand in other countries as well, including the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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