AMITY University Noida Fee Structure

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AMITY University Noida Fee

AMITY Noida Fee Structure can be slightly on the expensive side for some students. Different colleges have different fee structures. The rates are governed by a number of factors ranging from quality of education, ranking, infrastructure, past placement performance etc. The reputation of the college is another important factor. AMITY is a very powerful name in the filed of education with a number of campuses spread across the country. The Noida campus is among the most important and popular among the campuses under AMITY. The university is a pioneer in the field of education in India know to be a standard setter. The tuition fee is considered to be slightly on the premium side of things but it is worth it.

The university specialises in providing courses in the postgraduate, graduate level along with doctoral programmes that caters to research oriented students. Some of the main programmes offered in the Noida campus deals with the engineering category with B.Tech and M.Tech along with other major programmes in Management, BSc, MCA, MSc categories. AMITY University Noida Fee has been given below:

Amity University B tech Fees

Amity University B.Tech Fees Structure
Course (s) Fees / Year
Computer Science Engineering (CS) 3,47,000
Information Technology (IT) 2,79,000
Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC) 3,14,000
Mechanical Engineering 2,66,000
Civil Engineering 2,66,000
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) 2,50,000
Automobile Engineering 3,11,000
Aerospace Engineering 2,30,000
Aeronautical Engineering 3,11,000
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 1,87,000
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering 2,27,000
Petroleum Engineering 3,11,000
Artificial Intelligence 3,30,000
Mechtronics 2,66,000
Robotics 2,66,000
Nanotechnology Engineering 2,37,000
Solar & Alternate Energy Engineering 2,37,000
Bioinformatics Engineering 1,86,000
Biotechnology Engineering 2,73,000
Food Technology 1,92,000
Industrial Heavy Machinery 2,95,000
Nuclear Science & Technology 2,27,000

*10th / 12th & 12th (PCM) should be 60% & above

Amity University BBA Fees

Amity University BBA Fees Structure
Course (s) Fees / Year
BBA - Regular 3,79,000
BBA - Financial Services & Markets 3,51,000
BBA - Business Intelligence & Data Analytics 3,44,000
BBA - Family Business & Entrepreneurship 3,51,000
BBA - International Business with Artificial Intelligence 3,61,000
BBA - Marketing & Sales 3,72,000
BBA - Artificial Intelligence 3,44,000
BBA - Business Development 3,28,000
BBA - Healthcare Management 2,10,000
Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure 3,79,000
BBA - Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure 2,80,000
BBA - International 4,40,000

*10th / 12th should be 60% & above

Amity University B.Sc Fees

Amity University B.Sc Fees Structure
Course (s) Duration Fees / Year
B.Sc Acturial Science 3 Years 1,05,000
B.Sc Hons Agriculture 3 Years 90,000
B.Sc Hons Anthropology 3 Years 50,000
B.Sc Hons Chemistry 3 Years 1,20,000
B.Sc Hons Chemistry + B.Ed 5 yr Integrated Program 1,06,000
B.Sc Hons Mathematics 3 Years 1,20,000
B.Sc Hons Mathematics + B.Ed 5 yr Integrated Program 1,06,000
B.Sc Hons Physics 3 Years 1,20,000
B.Sc Hons Physics + B.Ed 5 yr Integrated Program 1,06,000
B.Sc Statistics 3 Years 1,20,000
B.Sc Hons Biotechnology 3 Years 1,37,000
B.Sc Hons Biotechnology + B.Ed 5 yr Integrated Program 1,12,000
B.Sc Hons Medical Biotechnology 3 Years 1,50,000
B.Sc Hons Microbiology 3 Years 1,24,000
B.Sc Hons Zoology 3 Years 1,04,000
B.Sc Hons Zoology + B.Ed 5 yr Integrated Program 1,00,000
B.Sc IT 3 Years 1,94,000
B.Sc Environmental Science 3 Years 1,02,000
B.Sc Hons Environmental Science + B.Ed 5 yr Integrated Program 1,02,000
B.Sc Hons Home Science 3 Years 84,000
B.Sc Hons Forensic Science 3 Years 1,37,000
B.Sc Hons Forestry 3 Years 60,000
B.Sc Geo Informatics 3 Years 1,00,000
B.Sc Hons Geography 3 Years 84,000
B.Sc Hons Yoga 3 Years 50,000
B.Sc Hons Marine Science 3 Years 82,000
B.Sc Hons Biochemistry 3 Years 1,16,000
B.Sc Hons Nano Science 3 Years 1,02,000
B.Sc Hons Neurosciences 3 Years 1,10,000
B.Sc Medical Physiology 3 Years 84,000
B.Sc Hons Life Sciences 3 Years 1,07,000

*10th / 12th should be 60% & above

Amity University B Com Fees

Amity University B.Com Fees Structure
Course (s) Fees / Year
B.Com (Hons) 2,12,000
B.Com (Regular) 1,60,000
B.Com (Hons) Finance 2,02,000
B.Com (Hons) HR 2,02,000
B.Com (Hons) Marketing 2,02,000
B.Com (Hons) Finance / Marketing 2,02,000

*10th / 12th should be 60% & above

Amity University BA Fees

Amity University BA Fees Structure
Course (s) Duration Fees / Year
BA Fine Arts 4 Years 1,32,000
BA (Film & Television Production) 3 Years 2,12,000
BA Hons (Business Economics) 3 Years 1,76,000
BA Hons (Economics) 3 Years 1,94,000
BA Hons (Philosophy, Politics, Economics) 3 Years 1,48,000
BA Hons (Defence & Strategic Studies) 3 Years 1,00,000
BA Hons (English) 3 Years 1,32,000
BA (Acting) 3 Years 1,70,000
BA Hons (Insurance & Banking) 3 Years 1,00,000
BFA (Animation) 4 Years 1,37,000
BA Hons (International Relations) 3 Years 1,05,000
BA (Journalism & Mass Communication) 3 Years 2,83,000
BA Hons (French / German / Spanish) 3 Years 70,000
BA Hons (Political Science) 3 Years 1,09,000
BA Hons (History) 3 Years 92,000
Bachelor of Performing Arts (Tabla) 3 Years 60,000
Bachelor of Performing Arts - Hindustani Music (Vocal) 3 Years 60,000
BA Hons (Applied Psychology) 3 Years 1,50,000
BA Hons (Public Administration) 3 Years 90,000
BA Hons (Sanskrit) 3 Years 36,000
BA General 3 Years 60,000
BA Hons (Sociology) 3 Years 110,000
BA Hons (Philosophy) 3 Years 80,000
BA (Toursim Administration) 3 Years 1,30,000
BFA (Visual Communication) 4 Years 1,30,000
BA Hons (Economics + B.Ed) 5 yr Integrated Program 1,38,000
BA Hons (English + B.Ed) 5 yr Integrated Program 1,10,000
BA (Mass Communication - International) 3 Years 3,00,000
BA Hons (Political Science + B.Ed) 5 yr Integrated Program 92,000
BA Hons (History + B.Ed) 5 yr Integrated Program 88,000
BA + MA (Clinical Psychology) 4.5 yrs Integrated Program 1,28,000
BA Hons (Sanskrit + B.Ed) 5 yr Integrated Program 60,000
BA Hons (Sociology + B.Ed) 5 yr Integrated Program 90,000

*10th / 12th should be 60% & above

Amity Univeristy Law Fees

Amity University Law Fees Structure
Course (s) Duration Fees / Year
BBA-LLB 5 Years 3,08,000
BA-LLB 5 Years 3,13,000
B.Com-LLB 5 Years 3,08,000
LLB 5 Years 2,60,000
LLM 1 Year 1,24,000

*10th / 12th should be 60% & above

Amity University MBA Fees

Amity University MBA Fees Structure
Course (s) Fees / Year (In Lakhs)
Regular 6.72
Consultancy Management 5.88
Logistics & Supply Chain Management 4.2
Technology Management 5.88
Agriculture & Food Business 2.2
Artificial Intelligence & Consulting 6.4
Biotechnology Management 3.3
Business Analytics 5.6
Business Intelligence & Data Analytics 6.32
Competetive Intelligence & Strategic Management 3.3
Construction Economics & Quality Surveying 5.7
Construction Project Management 5.7
Entrepreneurship 5.3
Fashion Management 3.4
Finance 6.72
Hospitality Management 3.4
HR 5.6
Insurance & Banking 3.4
Insurance & Financial Planning 3.3
IB with Artificial Intelligence 6.4
International Business 5.88
Marketing & Sales 5.88
Media Management 3.3
Natural Resource & Sustainabe Development 3.2
Retail Management 3.4
Telecom 3.4
Transport & Logistics 4.94
Real Estate & Urban Infrastructure 5.7

*Min 50% in Graduation

AMITY University Noida Placements are just incredible with over 27000 students placed in various firms across the country. The college is frequented by multinational companies and giant corporations every year with the hopes of acquiring some serious talent. The Noida campus of AMITY has some of the best placement reports on record. The college is well known among firms across the breadth of the country. The pay packages secured by students at AMITY are beyond a doubt extraordinarily good. The college has all the necessary infrastructure and provisions to get their student to a level of professionalism demanded by the industry. Being a premium institute firms know what kind of talent to expect from the college. With a number of big names like Amazon, Delloitte, KPMG, Infosys, Wipro, Mahindra & Mahindra, Opera Solutions etc. hunting for talent in the AMITY campuses the university has earned a strong image and popularity among aspiring students.

AMITY University Noida Scholarship

AMITY University Noida Scholarships are well known among the student community. These scholarships have for years been awarded to students (for those who are eligible) for the hard work and excellence achieved by them. To date 50,000 plus meritorious students have been grnated the Amity Scholarships. The scholarship programme was initiated in order to promote talented and students with great potential. Scholarships also aid in promoting students for self enhancement to better themselves by utilising all resources at their disposal provided by the University.

AMITY University Noida Hostel Fees

AMITY Noida Hostel Fees are a bit on the premium side and for good reason. The college is considered to be on a premium institute with a number of facilities. Amenities in hostels remain largely unmatched in quality. Generally all hostels provided within the AMITY campuses are excellent in management, cleanliness and strong on all facilities. Being a big campus with a large number of students the college has managed to provide a huge variety of choices when it comes to food. Students can also chosse accommodations with or without AC facilties.

With excellent placements that offer premium packages students stand to gain a strong foot hold in their careers. The Fee Structure Of AMITY University Noida need not be seen as expensive but rather great value for money.

For more information on AMITY University Noida Admission contact IESOnline at +91 9743 27 7777

The college offers scholarships.

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