Architecture Courses in Bangalore

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Architecture Courses in Bangalore

The Architecture Colleges in Bangalore courses varies with colleges and student’s subject interests:

Various source and surveys has suggested the below course subjects as one of the popular ones-

Architecture Design: This course includes AUTOCAD training, familiarization with architecture designing method and integration of built environment.

Building construction: This course focuses on understanding and implementing building structures. The course also includes planning, permits, preparation of construction site, foundation construction and so on.

Theory of structures: This course includes beam and trusses introductions.Research on beam and various technologies to build a structure.

Building Management: The course deals with monitoring building systems like lighting, fire evacuation, security systems etc.

History of Architecture: The course deals with understanding the origin of architecture and survey from 19th Century to the present time including art forms and structural forms.

Computer & Software Lab: The course deals with computer basics and software application.

Architectural Drawing: The course deals with drafting and visualizing architecture objects, organizing various workshop Practice.

Architectural appreciation: The course deals with evaluation of architectural designing systems.

Design Applications: The course deals with applications design in the architecture system.

Thesis Project: The student has to present a report based on the course fundamentals, research and findings.

Placements in Architecture Colleges in Bangalore have excellent records.

The B.Arch syllabus usually has a wide variety of technical and theoretical concepts. The students will learn to relate learned concepts with practical implementations. Students will go through interesting courses like -

Architecture Courses
Advanced Visual Representation Ancient Civilization Applied Climatology
Applied Mathematics Architectural Studio Design: Functionality Complex Architectural Studio Design: Heritage context
Architectural Studio Design: Housing Architectural Studio Design: Residential Architectural Studio Design: Rural Context
Architectural Studio Design: Urban Context Architectural Design Thesis Architectural and urbanism in Asia
Behavioural Architecture Building Economics Building Materials and Construction
Buildings Classical & early Medieval period Computer Simulation & Modelling
Construction Project Management Design Communication Disaster Resilient Buildings
Water Supply & Sanitation Interior design RCC Structures
Visual Representation Estimation Costing & Specifications

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A bachelor's degree in architecture typically takes 4 years to complete, while a master's degree may take 2 years. A doctoral degree in architecture may take 3-5 years or longer to complete, depending on the institution and the research focus.
An architecture course may include courses in subjects such as design, construction, engineering, and planning, as well as studio courses where students can apply what they have learned to design projects.

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