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Arts Course in Bangalore

Bachelor of Arts gives students various options for choosing specializations such as:

Ancient History:
Ancient History is the study of humanity’s past, ranging from the beginning of ancient human history through to the Middle Ages. Subjects of study covered within this course’s curriculum are Medieval History, Ancient History, Post classical History, Greek and Roman Civilizations History, and History of India. Students are offered an academic insight into Greek, Roman, and Egyptian history, late antiquity, archaeology, and the intellectual aspects of ancient Greece and Rome. Besides theory-based papers, the course also involves workshops, seminars, and presentations as vital components.

Fine Arts:
BA in Fine Arts is a form of visual art different from applied art. The five main fine arts are painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, with performing arts including theatre and dance. Recently, it has also included film studies, photography, conceptual art, video production, and a few others as disciplines. Topics covered in the curriculum of visual arts include history of art, visual art theory and film and media studies. This program provides a wide range of exposure to students on various styles of painting including portraiture, landscape, still life, printmaking and life drawing. It also makes students to grasp the concept of pipeline production in 2D and 3D animation with additional knowledge of drawing and painting.

Computer Science
B.A. Computer Science teaches students with computing methods that have foundation in concepts of mathematics and logics. This program provides information about programming and database requisitions. Candidates also learn how to develop competence in process and product standards. Candidates with interest in computer science disciplines for example programming languages, network design and engineering, hardware architecture and construction, software engineering, multimedia design and software tools and packages. Applicants who have innovative skills and abilities like teamwork, leadership and administration, communication in writing and speech, negotiation and influence and time management and association.

This is the study of the earth, including aspects of land, topography, attributes, people and phenomena. Subjects covered in the discipline are Environment and Ecology, Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS, Statistical Techniques, Spatial Analysis, Advanced Physical Geography, Contemporary Human Geography, Computer Aided Mapping, Thematic Atlas, Spatial Economic Systems, Political Geography, , Natural Resource Management, Agricultural Geography, Social Geography of India, Urban Settlement System, Regional Development, Cultural Geography, Hydrology and Water Resource Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Geography of Landscape, Demography and Population Policy, Health, Environment and Society, among others.

The study of history helps an individual to understand culture and society, and gives an in-depth view of the world. This eventually helps in understanding the factors which affect the development of a civilization like culture, economy, religion, power etc.

Political Science:
This is a branch of social science that studies and analyzes the theory and practice of politics and political systems. Subjects usually covered within this degree are Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Principles of State program are Constitutional Amendment, Powers and functions of Rajya Sabah, Powers and functions of Lok Sabah, Judicial Structure, Federal Dynamics, Parties and Party Systems, Electoral and Coalition Politics, Decentralized Democracy, Economic System, International Politics, etc

This deals in Education & Human Development, Indian Society and related disciplines. Admission to B.A. Education is based on the candidate’s performance in a relevant entrance test, such as BHU-CET, and subsequent rounds of counseling, depending, Loreto however, on the institute. The program draws from other disciplines such as Psychology and Philosophy. There are lucrative professional prospects for such graduates within the domain of primary education, including subject-specific teaching. Qualified graduates of the course assume professional roles such as Tutor, Researcher, Overseer at day-care center, Camp Organizer, Part-Time Consultant in the field. B.A. Education Graduates interested in pursuing higher studies in the discipline may go for pursuing M.A. or research work in the subject.

The program offers proficiency and fluency in the French language, an opportunity to contribute to the world of business and tourism, proficiency in translating a source language in French, proficiency in writing French, learning in various aspects of French language, ability of smooth conversation for proper business connections, lessons in writing, speaking, listening, and reading parts of the language, advanced learning in communication skills and grammatical structure.

A four-year academic degree in the social sciences encompassing both qualitative and quantitative courses. Typical mandatory courses for the degree include microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, economic statistics, history of economic thought and political economy.

Based on the emerging demand of specifying the specialization there are many specializations available like English, Arabic, Hindi, home science, Hons philosophy, hons sociology and many more.

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