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Placements in Arts Colleges Bangalore

The private sectors which employ BA degree holders are: BPO/KPO, NGOs, Educational Institutes, IT, Media and Journalism, PR Firms, Banks, Indian Administrative Services, Secretariat, Indian Postal Department.

The job opportunities available for a BA degree holder are as follows:
Illustrators: The candidates have to use their creative skills to communicate stories, messages or ideas to an intended audience.

Fine Artist: The candidates should need plenty of self-belief, stamina and the ability to promote them self as this path is highly competitive career path, they can further work as studio assistant, they can also work in a relevant full- or part-time job, such as that of an art teacher/tutor.

Photography: Photography is also a profession which they can choose in which they get opportunities to volunteer, work shadow or take part in work experience and project work with photographers or relevant employer.

Animator: They can produce multiple images called frames, which when sequenced together create an illusion of moment known as animation. They help in creating visual effects team on a film. This is another competitive area for employability.

Graphic Designer: A graphic designer is responsible for creating design solution that have a high visual impact. This involves accomplishing the task agreed with client, creative director or account managers. They can be an Art administrator who would plan and organize arts activities and ensure they are successful. Print makers create art using printing press, on paper or any required set up. Candidates can become well qualified teacher / university lecturer. Arts graduates can also apply from mainstream graduate jobs and training in a wide variety of industries, such as media, marketing, public relations and even accounting.

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Disclaimer:The information provided here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee the aptness of information. We would recommend to verify the information from Institute’s website as there could be changes from time to time. The above information is for students community in large and does not mean that we provide management quota admission in Arts Colleges in Bangalore. There is no process for direct admission. Except Foreign / NRI Quota admission in Arts Colleges in Bangalore, all other admissions takes place through Arts Colleges in Bangalore selection process only.