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Admission in Arts Colleges India

Admission in Arts Colleges India is quite competitive especially in the top tier institutions. Every year millions of students line up for admissions in arts colleges across the nation. There was a time when students who would complete high school, lined up to take up courses in engineering and medical sciences. But due to the massive rise in the supply of engineering and medical graduates the economy is finding it difficult to accommodate these professionals thereby leading to glut. But an interesting thing about the arts courses is that they are coming back in demand due to them being relatively easy to learn and perform in.

That being said it is still quite hard to get into the Top Arts Colleges in India. There is a flood of applications coming into these institutes each year and their numbers only seem to be growing at a rapid pace. The top art colleges are in demand for a number of reasons but primarily it is due to the rich history of the college, the alumni network, the quality of education by way of experienced and proficient faculty etc. Again there are a number of factors that are college specific as well for example the consistency of placements, the average package, the median salary package and the highest packages secured by students over the past couple of years and much more.

Arts colleges provide a wide range of courses with some colleges even providing add on courses that are student specific. This helps students perform better in subjects that they already have an inherent interest in. Now talking about the subjects in these colleges, one can say that admissions follow quite asimilar procedure across the line of colleges. But there are a few exceptions where the process takes slightly different routes depending on the course and college of choice. The usual procedure to getting admitted is as follows:

Firstly there are the eligibility criteria: Only those students meeting these criteria are allowed to apply for the college. This criterion enables the college to maintain a minimum bar or standard that ensures the quality of admits to the college. Furthermore, students falling in theeconomically challenged sections of society have been given relaxation as per the rules laid down by the Government of India.

The Second Step is where all the face to face contact takes place, the selection procedure. Again this section varies slightly from institute to institute but is almost the same in most cases. Those students who meet the eligibility criteria will have to clear the second step in order to get the admission that they seek. This step usually involves a face to face interview with the candidate who will then be evaluated by a panel. There could also be a group discussion where the candidate will be judged on the basis of their capacity to communicate, thought process, interpersonal skills and on many other accounts. After considering the eligibility criteria, some colleges may conduct entrance examinations for admissions before the selection procedure begins.

Admission Process

The admission process for the top arts colleges becomes significantly more challenging due to the rise in cutoff and the level of competition. But ending up in one of these premier institutes could change the future of students in every way imaginable.

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