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Arts Colleges in India fee Structure

The Best Arts Colleges in India have always been the most sought after destination for high school students all over the country. The sheer volume of applications to these institutes is a jaw dropping figure. So what is it with arts colleges and high schoolers? Arts colleges are perhaps among the oldest establishments in the country havinga rich history and heritage attached to them. A decade ago it was the engineering and medical science institutions that were at the helm of everything. Now that order of things has begun to change with a temporary supply and demand mismatch looming in the market. Corrections are normal in any market scenario, everything happens in a cycle much like the ebb and flow of water. But the demand for arts students in the job world has been somewhat the same due to a number of factors. These courses are mostly evergreen and have been around centuries ago and are here to stay. As long as humanity thrives, arts related professionals will always be in demand.

Usually courses offered in the arts are kind of short compared to professional courses. They are also lighter and easier to pick up for students. Colleges have been quick to understand that students have very specific interests and so do companies who would like to capitalize on those interests. This has led to the creation of courses that are flexible with arts being clubbed with computer science as a subject or in any other format. Companies now can choose students based on their exposure and knowledge in these fields. This has opened up a number of opportunities for students and firms alike.

Let's talk about fees, the topic which makes most students shed tears. Affordability is an unavoidable word. No matter what the quality or the advantage of the course if it's not affordable, it's just not going to cut it. But there is some good news for those die hard arts college fans out there. Top institutions can be slightly pricey but there are tons of ways to get that dream course done. One of the most common and simple ways is by getting an education loan. Loans are provided by a number of public and private banks for education in line with the rules and regulations of the Government of India. Another method would be by way of scholarships. Many bodies have taken to giving scholarships based on merit and otherwise.

Overall, Fees in Arts Colleges India are not going to be a problem as far as scholarships and education loans are available. Furthermore, the top art colleges have displayed some eye popping placement figures. These figures reveal a strong return on investment through placements. This is the reason why some colleges have a fee structure that is higher than that of other colleges for the same courses. Students can be assured a high chance of getting into one of the best companies in the country or abroad. This added level of security ensures that no student will ever need to get worked up with fees ever again.

Popular Arts Colleges in India with fees:

  • Christ University: INR 40,000/year
  • IFIM College, Bangalore: INR 85,000/year
  • Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore: INR 85,000/year
  • AIMS Institutes, Bangalore: INR 1,90,000/year
  • Universal School Of Administration: INR 1,30,000/years
  • JyotiNivas College: INR 20,492/years
  • MES College of arts, commerce and science, Bangalore: INR 19,018/year
  • Garden City University, Bangalore: INR 2,30,100/year
  • Presidency Colleges, Bangalore: INR 40,000/year
  • Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Bangalore : INR 2,62,500/year

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