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Atria College of Engineering Review

The Aria Institute of Technology is a private college that has been serving the student community for more than two decades while encompassing a big 17 acre campus located in the Bengaluru city of Karnataka. The college has been affiliated with VTU and is quite appreciated among the industry and academia. AIT Bangalore is a premier name in the state among the top engineering colleges. Lots of students have found their dream careers through the programs at this college. The Atria Institute of Technology Review is one of the main reasons for its popularity among students who are looking for their future in the engineering field.

The college students are engaged in various research activities with the help of their highly experienced professors. These initiatives aid the college in its ranking. The professors would also review and update the programs across various disciplines each year. The courses are approved by the concerned statutory councils.Several of the college alumni have benefitted from the college through placements or higher studies. Today they are holding to notch positions in several reputed companies. The college has also placed a record number of students last year.

The college has a very good infrastructure where students can learn effectively and can grow as good professional. The college offers an excellent learning platform for the students where they can gain the subject knowledge in depth with a better practical understanding. Various facilities provided by the college are-

  • Library: The College has a big library with thousands of books of various genres. The library strives to provide unique service to information resources in the specialized field of engineering and management. It has deployed state-of-art technologies to support learning and the research works. The college has also equipped the library with a computer network where students can get access to the far located databases, volumes, research papers etc.
  • Classrooms: The College has maintained very spacious classrooms with good ventilation for the students to learn their subjects. The seating arrangement is very good and students learn in a co-ed atmosphere. The classrooms also have a screen and projector inside to support the learning with audio-visual methods which make the learning more interactive. The classrooms are free of nearby noises.
  • Auditorium: The College has a very big hall in its campus where the students can gather for various events. The college uses this hall for the convocation purpose each year. This auditorium is also used to carry out seminars, cultural events, curricular and extra-curricular activities. The seating is very comfortable inside with sound proof infrastructure.
  • Hostel: The College provides an excellent accommodation for both boys and girls separately. The hostel campus is equipped with all the modern facilities. Students are provided with high-speed Wi-Fi access in their rooms. The hostel also has a very sophisticated gym for the students to do physical workouts. The mess also provides very healthy and hygienic food to the student. Indoor games are also available inside for the recreation of students.

For more detailed information about Atria Institute of Technology Contact IESOnline.

Campus life at Atria Institute of Technology typically includes student organizations, sports teams, on-campus housing, and various events and activities.

The average class size at Atria Institute of Technology is not available. Please contact the institution directly for more information.

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