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BA LLB Course in Bangalore

The BA LLB course is a mixture of Arts and Law subjects. This gives an arts student a complete freedom to learn about law. Different colleges have different curriculum set-up for the courses. The entire BA LLB course lasts for about 5 years. Some of the common topics are discussed as below –

Legal Method-the course covers Indian Legal System, legal writing and research, sources of Law, classification and meaning of the law topics.

Contract Law- Covers contract writing, consideration and capacity, contract validity topics.

Business Law-Covers Right of parties and remedies, presentation liability topics.

Family Law- Covers Divorce law, Marriage laws, adaptation and guardianship topics.

Constitutional Law-Covers constitution, centre and state law, emergency law topics.

Law of Crimes-Covers criminal law topics.

English (Law & Literature) Grammar of Sociology Labor & Industrial Laws
Specific Contracts Constitutional Law I CLAW International Relations Political Theory
Law of Tort, MV Accident & Consumer Protection Laws Property Law Theoretical Perspective in Sociology
Contemporary Sociological Issues Jurisprudence Quantitative Methods
Macro Economics Administrative Law Public Administration
Political Ideologies Theoretical Perspective in Sociology Law of Crimes Mass Communication
Legal Methods & Legal Systems Family Law Criminal Procedure Code, Probation of Offenders Act & Juvenile
General Principles of Contract Explorations in Social Inequalities Justice Act
Bio technology Law Environmental Law Intellectual Property Law
Human Displacement and the Law SLAW 431 4 Credits Moot Court & Internship Public International Law
International Criminal Tribunals SLAW 432 4 Credits Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System Company Law
Law and Media SLAW 433 4 Credits Commercial Arbitration Interpretation of Statutes
Law and Medicine Legislative Drafting Industrial Sociology
Refugee Law IPR Management Law & Economics
Service Law Law and Technology Law of Evidence
Drafting, Pleading & Conveyance Taxation Law Indian Economy & Development Economics

The topics will broaden the student’s knowledge. BA LLB Placements in Bangalore provides a platform for the students to practise their law theories in a real-life scenario.

At the end of course completion the students will have a good knowledge of:

  • Basic Indian legal system
  • Learning about various acts and sections of a specialized law stream.
  • Negotiation skills
  • People skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Fundamental of Indian Constitution
  • Criminal Law

The BA LLB course fees vary with the colleges. The fees are different for private and government colleges. The students get to learn so many things at the cost of almost nothing. Some of the course fees also include court visits, abroad student exchange programs and many more.

For more detailed information regarding BA LLB Colleges in Bangalore Admissions contact IESOnline.

If you are in grades 11 or 12, you can take the Common Law Entrance Exam (CLAT) and enroll in a five-year B.A. LL.B. or related law program at a law school.

If you already have a bachelor's degree, you can enroll in a three-year law program.

When applying for any Law program, applicants must request the following documents:

Mark sheet for class 10 Mark sheet for Class 12

If you already have a law degree, you can skip this step. The 9th or 6th-semester transcript is required for final-year law students. (CV) (some colleges ask for it)

The Bar Council of India does not accept distance law degrees (BCI).
To be admitted to an LLM program, candidates must have either a five-year integrated LLB degree or a three-year LLB degree from a recognized law college or university, according to the LLM eligibility requirements (BCI regulations for legal education in India).
M.S Ramaiah College of law is known as one of the best law schools in Bangalore and the fees for BA LLB is approx. 1, 76,000
Yes, you can do LLB after your
CLAT stands for Common Law Admissions Test
1st January is the Registration date for the CLAT exam
June 13 2021 Is the exam date of CLAT
Quantitative Methods, English, Current Affairs (including GK), Legal Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning are the five parts of the upcoming CLAT test. It is based on the candidates' level of training as to which section they would have trouble answering the questions.

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