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Sushrutha College Fees

BAMS colleges fees structure is also a very attractive proposition for students. It has been one of the root causes for candidates to give a strong priority for the institute. Generally medical related fields command a high fee structure due to the immense opportunities it gives graduates to earn good salaries or income. That being said fees can differ by a wide margin depending on institutes. For this reason it is important in choosing the right college with the right fee structure. Many things play a vital role in deciding the fee for a medical course or an Ayurveda programme and the quality of education imparted at the institute is the fundamental one. The fee is also judged by the quality of infrastructure, teaching staff and the overall academic performance of the institute.

Sushrutha Ayurveda College Fees Structure should not be an impediment to students enrolling in the prestigious institute due to the reputation of the college. The band name associated with the institute gives a great deal of recognition for its students over and above what is expected from a normal ayurvedic institute. BAMS or Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is a course that has received a great deal of tradition in today's world. This can be attributed to the renewed interest in traditional treating methods with low side effects and closeness to nature. Demand for BAMS graduates is on the rise with a huge number of applicants preferring to choose colleges like Sushrutha to pursue their education.

BAMS Fee Structure at Sushrutha Ayurveda institute
Course Duration Fees/Year
BAMS 5.5 Years ₹ 2,57,500

Opportunities post BAMS include

In the past there were not many options after completing graduation in BAMS apart from setting up one's own practice center. Although this used to be the common scenario things have taken a change over time. BAMS graduates are being seen as capable to head a number of fields given their experience and skill. Career opportunities after successful completion of the program can broadly be categorized into the following:

Clinical practice:

This is perhaps the most popular route right after graduation. For this a better option would be to practice under experienced ayurvedic practitioners and hon the necessary skills and experience required to move out independently. Experience is counted as a very strong factor in having a successful career in this field.


If a graduate is in pursuit of a career in academics then it becomes mandatory to do a post-graduation with a specialization in one of the vertices. Graduates who find it difficult to do an MD, can go for postgraduate diplomas instead.

Drug manufacturing:

Ayurvedic medicine, cosmetics and wellness industries are expanding at an unprecedented rate. This has cropped up the need for expertise in the manufacturing, production and management of Ayurvedic medicines.


Again this is yet another area that requires a post-graduation. MD, PhD, MSc or PG Diploma in Clinical research are all part of this line of study. It might require 6 months to 2 years in order to complete the programme.

Management and administration:

Another highly sought after line is administration and management. This is usually opted by those graduates who are not interested in clinical practice. MHA (Masters in Health Administration) , MPH (Masters in Public Health) and MBA in Hospital and Healthcare management are all options after graduation.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that students have to choose a category depending on personal interest, skill sets and qualities. This would allow for a greater growth in one’s career along with satisfaction. For example if a BAMS graduate wishes to pursue a line in management then it would be better if he / she has a strong command over language and with great interpersonal skills. Sushruta Ayurvedic College Bangalore is a great institute for pursuing BAMS in Karnataka.

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Yes, Sushrutha Ayurvedic Medical College provides scholarships.

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