Ayurveda Medical Syllabus

BAMS Syllabus

Ayurveda Medical Syllabus

The 4 ½ years BAMS course has been divided into four phases plus internship.

Ist Professional B.A.M.S. (Duration 12 months)


  • Padartha vijnana evamayurveda ithihas.
  • Sanskrita
  • Kriya shareera (Physiology)
  • Rachana shareera (anatomy)
  • Moulika sidhanta evamashtanga hridaya (sutrasthana)

II nd Professional B.A.M.S. (Duration 12 months)


  • Dravyaguna vijnana (Pharmacology and materialmedica)
  • Rasashastra – Bhaishajya kalpana (Pharmaceutical science)
  • Agadatantra and vyavahara ayurveda evam vidhi vaidyaka (Toxicology and medical jurisprudence)
  • Charaka – purvardha

III rd Professional B.A.M.S. (Duration 12 months)


  • Roganidana vikriti vijnana (pathology and microbiology)
  • Charaka samhita – uttarardh
  • Swasthavritta and yoga (preventive and social medicine and yoga)
  • Prasuti and striroga (Gynaecology and obstetrics)
  • Balaroga (paediatrics)

IV th Professional B.A.M.S. (Duration 18 months)


  • Shalya tantra (general surgery)
  • Shalakya tantra (diseases of head and neck including ophthalmology, ENT and dentistry)
  • Kayachikitsa (internal medicine – including manasroga, rasayana & vajikarana)
  • Panchakarma
  • Research methodology & medical-statistics.

Compulsory Internship (Duration 12 months )

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