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BIDS Ranking

The Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences (BIDS) has been recognized and approved from the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Health Sciences, Bangalore and the Dental Council of India. It is one the premier dental institutes of India located in the heart of Bangalore. The Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences Ranking ensures a good professional success of the students studying in this college. The ranking of the college is provided from several recognized associations and media personnel after taking a complete glance at the performance of the college. The students from Karnataka and from whole over India get attracted to the college admissions after seeing the ranking and status of the college.

Several things matter for a college to be ranked by an approved body or association. A very experienced pool of reviewing visitor from the registered organization comes to this college and looks for the entire necessary requirement in order to rank up the college to a better position. The recognizing bodies ranks the college on several set parameters like-

  • The campus quality and the cleanliness
  • Surrounding and location of the college
  • Facilities and infrastructure
  • Student and staff behavior at the college campus
  • Results of the UG & PG students in the University exams
  • Acceptability of the college students in the dental profession upon degree completion

The college was established with a vision to fortify the weaker section of the nation or the section from rural population. The college started to offer its students with the excellent dental care and Oral & Maxillofacial surgery. The institute is looking forward to achieve greater heights to enhance its ranking and recognition in the top survey associations. Several top surveying organizations are visiting the college to get to know about its infrastructure, the education quality and the number of students getting recruited in government and private hospitals. The college has become synonymous with one of the best private dental colleges in Bangalore.

Numerous platforms are offered on behalf of the college to let the students develop themselves intellectually which also shows a bigger impact on the students at the Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences Placement. Several cultural fests and educational events are carried out by the students to develop a sense of responsibility with human values among them. The students are getting their career channelized in the fields of medicine and surgery. Ranking status of an educational institution not only exhibits the awards & recognitions it has been offered but also demonstrate satisfactions of the alumni against its services.

The college students are also studying hard towards making the institutional studies a successful drive. Several students from this college have won awards and national conferences which has added feather to the BIDS ranking. Some of the recent academic excellences achieved by the students under the aegis of the BIDS

  • Dr.Sanjana Shah and Dr. Khushboo Mishra received the best scientific paper presentation at the national IPS conference held at Raipur 28th Nov to 1st Dec 2019.
  • Dr.Karishma Anchan decorated the college reputation by clinching 3rd position in the competitive paper- Clinical award on “Correction of Skeletal Crossbite in adolescents with mid-sagittal expander” in the year 2019.

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BIDS is considered to be one of the leading dental colleges in India and is consistently ranked among the top dental colleges in the country.
BIDS maintains its ranking by providing high-quality dental education, conducting cutting-edge research, and providing excellent facilities and support to its students

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