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BBA Aviation

A long time ago, before the Indian economy opened up to the rest of the world in 1991 the world was beginning to see the rise of the aviation industry. No one back then would have imagined the air passenger market to explode to the levels we are currently at. This to a great extent can be attributed to the way in which airlines have changed their pricing, vehicle preferences and passenger & fleet management processes. Technology too played a very important role in all of this. Back in the day an economy flight would be one with the largest number of seats like the superjumbo with over 800 seats.

Today the trend has taken a huge swing. The preference is for flights that are small or medium sized. The fuel economy, the maintenance costs and the capital requirement for such flights have reduced drastically. The taste is more inclined towards mid-sized flights that are manufactured almost like on an assembly line.

A drop in cost means a drop in price of travel and this in the end benefits the travel industry. The cost of travel has become less while the value for people's time has increased. Today a sizable number of people prefer to travel via flight as opposed to taking a car or a bus or even a train to reach their destinations. This paradigm shift is the reason why the aviation industry is booming.

Career options after completing BBA Aviation are looking great for years to come. As connectivity improves and more and more airports start popping up the demand for BBA graduates with a specialization in Aviation is only going to improve.

BBA Aviation Syllabus

BBA aviation subjects mainly deal with matters of accounting, business law, business economics, rules and regulations surrounding the aviation industry, safety etc. A strong knowledge base in these subjects will ensure the proper discharge of duties and give aspiring executives the necessary edge for a growing career in the aviation industry. Most of the subjects in BBA aviation are focused on resolving the key problems faced in the aviation management industry. Strong subject knowledge will ensure sustained growth in ranks as the number of years of experience gained an increase which is typical of any industry. Having strong communication and people skills are an added advantage as it helps deal with every kind of situation in the industry. An inborn management skill is an absolute advantage.

BBA Aviation Management Syllabus:

  • Language Subject
  • OrganizationalBehaviors
  • English
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Computing
  • Value Education - Human Rights
  • Community Service
  • Applied Paper - Mathematics for Management
  • Environmental Studies
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Business Communication
  • Principles of Airlines and Airport Management
  • Airport Functions of Airlines
  • Cargo Handling
  • Skill-based Subject : Retail Environment
  • Skill-based Subject : Consumer Behaviors
  • Business Economics
  • Financial Management
  • Production and Material Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Taxation Law and Practice
  • Logistic and Air Cargo Management
  • Research Methodology & Report Writing
  • Business Law
  • Aviation Law, Aircraft Rules and Regulations
  • Airport Strategic Planning
  • Understanding of Aviation Business
  • Aviation Marketing
  • Air Transportation Safety & Security
  • Skill-based Subject : Consumer Behaviors
  • Airline Finance and Insurance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Essential of Strategic Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Logistic and Air Cargo Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Services Marketing

BBA in Aviation syllabus is designed or curated after carefully evaluating the skills required and challenges faced by Management staff in the aviation industry. Most of the subjects given in the above list is a common sight for the course offered in colleges all across the country.

BBA Aviation Career Opportunities

Taking up the course of BBA with a specialization in Aviation opens up a number of opportunities to land great paying jobs in the travel industry. Although the covid pandemic has hit the aviation industry hard there is a strong possibility of a return to normalcy soon enough. The pace is expected to pick up from there quite quickly as the number of airports increases and safer due to stringent measures taken to ensure hygiene throughout the journey. Some have already begun considering air travel to be much safer given the duration being extremely short as opposed to any other mode of travel.

Career opportunities in BBA aviation are plentiful with the following options wide open for those who seek them.

  • Sales and Advertising Companies
  • Airlines/Airports
  • Educational Institutes
  • Recovery & Credit Manager
  • Flight Schools
  • Branch Manager
  • Airline Insurance Companies
  • Teacher & Lecturer
  • Credit Control Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Test Manager
  • Assistant Airport Manager
  • Aviation Industry Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Airline Contracting Manager
  • Airport Operations Manager

The average salary for freshers’ in the industry hover between rupees 4 and 6 lakhs per annum which is quite reasonable given the duration and fee associated with the programme. Indo Asian Academy is one of the most sought after colleges for pursuing the course of BBA in Aviation. The institute has a great reputation for delivering the course in Bangalore.

It was in the year 2007 that the Indo Asian Academy took shape at the hands of Prof.Dr. T.Ekambaram Naidu. Ever since its establishment the institute has been quite supportive to the student community by providing a variety of academic opportunities. The college is well known for the applications it receives from foreign countries along with those from the home land. The college can be fairly called a boiling pot of cultures that promotes an ambient atmosphere conducive for learning. Over a short span of 13 years the college has managed to inspire and change the lives of thousands of students spread across the world. Equality, diversity, quality and Integrity are values the college was built on.

Why study BBA in Aviation @ Indo Asian Academy?

BBA in Aviation at Indo Asian Academyis a highly sought after programme among aspiring students due to the quality of the institute itself. Every year the college receives numerous applications for the course with the hopes of landing a seat for the programme.

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