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BBA Colleges in Mumbai Fee Structure

BBA Fees in Mumbai:

  • The BBA fees in Mumbai includes student activities, information technology services, university fee, miscellaneous fees, etc.
  • The colleges acknowledge that attending business school is a significant investment of time and money; they strive to provide the students with various means to finance the degree.
  • Students may incur additional costs for educational tours, different workshops and events which will be included in the total tuition fees.

When all BBA Colleges in Mumbai with Fees are listed together it is seen that approximately 43% of them are inexpensive or affordable for students. The fee structure of these colleges is within one lakh rupees.

Fees for BBA Admission in Mumbai is different for different colleges; as said earlier it is different for government and private colleges and not all private colleges charges the same amount. Taxes will be applicable as per the rates at the time of payment. Some colleges accept fees semester wise some still follow year wise fee payments.

The fees depend on certain factors like:

  • Fees varies from course to course
  • The fee is different for different colleges like private and government colleges where the former is on the higher scale from the latter
  • Colleges which have higher rankings and government accreditations will fall in the higher spectrum of the cost.
  • Location plays an important role. BBA colleges that are located in the metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. will be charging a higher fees
  • Colleges that are aided by the government or subsidize the colleges’ expenses has low fee
  • Also those institutions which have great facilities offered to the students falls on the higher fee spectrum like providing laptops, foreign trips, labs, etc
BBA Colleges in Mumbai with Fees
Colleges Year fees(INR)
Amity University 3,26,000
SP Jain School of Global Management 12,00,000
Whistling Woods International 316,666
Jagdish Sheth School Of Management (JAGSOM) 533,333
Vijaybhoomi University 4,50,000
International College Of Financial Planning 2,56,000
D Y Patil University School Of Management 5,40,000

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Many BBA colleges in Mumbai have scholarships and financial aid options available for deserving students. These scholarships may be based on factors such as academic performance, financial need, or belonging to a certain category (e.g. OBC, SC/ST).
Fees can range from INR 2-10 Lakhs for the entire duration of the course.

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