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BBA Fees in Pune

BBA is still considered a high quality programme when taken up from reputed institutes in the country. Studying BBA in Pune is a great way of getting recognized in industry. For years Pune has served as an important education hub for aspiring students in India.

Just like various other programmes the Bachelors of Business Administration is a course that commands a wide range of fees that changes from college to college. The fee for the program depends on a large number of factors like ranking, university tie-ups, and specialization, past placement performance, the quality of education, industrial relations and alumni strengths among others. Generally strong and well managed colleges command a higher fee for the different specializations of BBA.

BBA Fees in Pune
College Fees/ year (INR)
Department of Management Sciences, Savitribai Phule Pune University 53,444
Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development 1,00,000
Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies 3,00,000
FLAME University 8,60,000
Global Business School and Research Center 90,000
Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth 30500
St Mira's College for Girls 37600
Marathwada Mitra Mandal's College of Commerce 40000
Amity Global Business School 66000
Tikaram Jagannath College of Arts Commerce and Science 5240

* BBA Fees are subject to change. For a more accurate figure contact IESOnline.

Fees of the Institutes:

  • It is pretty evident from the fee list that it depends on the institute.
  • BBA is a course that has a number of specializations and generally each specialization commands a different fee.
  • It is pretty evident from the above list that fees are subject to changes in the institute selected by the applicant.

Course completion opportunities to get placed in some of the top companies in the country are quite robust. BBA Course in Pune is considered a great choice also because giant corporations with a strong multinational dominance have a preference for graduates from the city. An experience working with these firms will definitely have a strong impact on the career of graduates.

Taking up a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) offers BBA graduates even better opportunities in the Industry. Doing so will help them in specializing in a particular field and hence land high paying jobs that demand expertise.

For more details / clarification on BBA Admission in Pune contact IESOnline on + 91-9743277777

Pune is the most sought-after BBA study destination. After Bengaluru, it is also an up-and-coming IT destination. BBA colleges in Pune provide a high-quality BBA education with excellent placement opportunities.
You have a Wide Range of jobs once you finish BBA such as Finance Manager, Business Administration, and many more
The principal of Management, Business Mathematics & Statistics, Introduction to operation research, Business economics, Finance, and Management Accounting, Product & Material Management and Marketing Management
Yes, you can apply for bank jobs such as PO after completing your BBA. There are many job openings in banking that include graduates from various fields. To work in any government bank, you would most definitely have to pass a competitive test. You can try your luck in private banks, which allow BBA graduates to apply for a variety of banking positions.
After completing your BBA, you can expect to earn between INR 4 and 7 lakh per Annum.
A candidate must have graduated from a recognized educational board or university with a Class 12 diploma in any subject. A candidate must have a cumulative percentage of at least 50% in Class 12 to be eligible.
SET, BUMAT, ACET, WLCI Aptitude Test, FEAT, ATMA, and MHT CET are the most common entrance exams for BBA students in Pune.
After passing BBA, candidates may apply for IPS and IAS jobs. All applicants interested in applying for these positions must take the Union Public Service Commission's civil service test. Candidates can choose from several optional subjects.

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