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BBA Colleges in India - Courses

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. This degree program focuses mainly on management and administrative studies. The BBA course In India is the most popular among self financing undergraduate courses in India. This course is known by different names in the country. For instance, BBM (Bachelor of Business Management), BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) and also Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The BBA Course Review has gained the attention of students from the commerce stream.

The course centers around three important subjects that are management practice, marketing, accounts and finance. This degree offers students a fundamental base in these subjects. The reason the course is also referred to as self financing as it offers an equal founding base for candidates wishing to join as junior level executives in the industry as well those eager to start up their own enterprise.

The BBA Fees for the program is developed according to the university and industry guidelines.

BBA specializations

There are various specializations available for the students who are looking forward to pursue their degree in BBA. These are as follows:-

  • Finance: The purpose of the BBA Finance is to impart practical and theoretical knowledge on various financial topics like insurance, investment to the UG students. The students are chiseled to the point where they are able to predict and forecast about a particular investment or insurance scheme. The BBA Finance covers the aspects of Introduction to Modern Business, Business Laws, Basic Business Communication and Statistics, Soft Skills, Microeconomics, basic Accounting etc.
  • Marketing: The BBA Marketing is another specialization under this course which deals with the concepts of Business Management. The students are taught from basic marketing skill to promote their product, services and company.
  • Foreign Trade: Those students who are more engrossed in economic activities like commerce, trade, management, industry will find this course very much suitable. Basically, the foreign trade is the exchange of goods and capitals along with providing services across borders and territories. This course provides the students with all the managerial skills while focusing to build competence in a particular area.
  • Accounting: The BBA in Accounting is an undergraduate commerce program provided to the students over duration of three years. The accounting trade provides the students with a deeper understanding of the working principles within a business context.
  • Travel Management: This course deals with the management of a company's strategic approach to travels, negotiation with vendors and the daily operations of the corporate programs. As the airline industry is expanding both domestically and internationally, the air travel management graduates have a great opportunity to shape their career in the field of air travel security, ticketing management, finances, technicalities and several other departments as well.

The courses provided by the top BBA Colleges in India are as per the industry standards and the guidelines laid down by the affiliating Universities. The BBA graduates can anticipate a good future with a sound practical knowledge of the administration and management in the field of commerce.

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Some of the popular specializations offered in BBA courses in India include Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business, and Operations Management.
The BBA program in India typically takes 3 years to complete.

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