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BBA LLB Colleges in Bangalore Reviews

Over the years BBA LLB Colleges in Bangalore have built a strong reputation for itself. The best law schools in the country are located in Bangalore. The colleges have made it to the top of the list due to various factors like the quality of education, experience and proficiency of teaching staff and infrastructure among others.

Bangalore is the heart of India’s economic growth. One of fastest growing cities in the country with a rapid rate of industrialization. This city is also called the startup city of the country. With large multinational companies, private enterprises, firms, corporations having a foothold in the city, the demand for law professionals have skyrocketed. Those who pursue a career in law need to be quick witted with a great deal of attention to detail. A small piece of information or point could change the entire scenario. One with a flair for law, having a great level of command on the English language and having an interest in the field of Business would do well to take up this integrated program.

Let's look into some of the BBA LLB Reviews for these law colleges:


The top line of law schools has management who focuses on developing a firm and solid academic process. Teachers employ an experiential teaching process. The curriculum is after rigorous industrial consultations. As the judicial landscape keeps evolving, BBA LLB students are encouraged to adapt to stay professionally relevant all throughout their careers. Overall the top line of Law College has performed very well on the academic front.


In most colleges girls and boys are provided with good hostel facilities. These hostels are neat and well maintained with a good ambience that favors the learning process. All hostel inmates have access to recreational facilities. Students have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to cuisine.


These colleges have one of the best minds as faculty. They are both highly qualified and proficient at their jobs as faculty. Faculty in most of these colleges promotes an out of the box thought process. Overall the faculty at the top law schools in Bangalore commands a great deal of respect.


These colleges boast a great level of infrastructure. They have a number of journals, books and e-journals with numerous other periodicals and magazines. These colleges have libraries, presentation rooms, moot court halls and all other facilities needed for a school of law.


Over the past couple of years the BBA LLB Placement scenario for these colleges have been pretty outstanding with many students landing seven digit figures as annual packages. About fifty percent of all recruitment is via private companies and multinational firms. The other half is by private law firms. Students have a number of choices at their disposal when it comes to choosing a career in the field of law. Overall the placement reviews for this top line of law schools are pretty compelling.

Fees Structure:

Fee can be a bit harsh for most Indian students but there is a lot of truth in the saying you get what you pay for. Usually the higher the fees the better the facilities and the chances enjoyed by students at landing great jobs. If one goes on to check the ROI by way of placements, students stand a great chance to get back what they spent in the way of education. Most colleges give students the scope for scholarships and education loans. Since there is a lot of difference in terms of fees for the same course, students will never be left in the rain.

Campus life:

These top notch colleges offer one of the best campus atmospheres in the country. The climate is just fabulous and cool year round with the exception of a few months. Anybody would love it. The infrastructure, amenities and everything else is just great.


These colleges have a fierce reputation among the law schools in the country. With the national level ranks of these colleges on the rise students are bound to benefit from their education being done here. BBA LLB Rankings are great for these colleges.

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