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Courses in BBA LLB Colleges in India

The BBA LLB Course is an undergraduate Administrative Law professional integrated program. This program inculcates the study of administration and law both. Though the course has been initiated recently for the bachelors, it is gaining huge popularity among the students over the years. This course can be opted by the intermediate or pre-university qualified students from any of the streams.

The curriculum of BBA LLB is an intensive program designed for the duration of 5 years for the undergraduates. The whole program consists of 10 semesters. The students under this course are trained in the core subjects of commerce, business and administration followed by the subjects of law and legislature in the higher semesters. The course enables the students to grow and make the organization or company ethically strong.

The semester wise subjects under the BBA LLB:

Semester - 1

  • Law of contract
  • Legal methods
  • Marketing management
  • Principles of management
  • Financial accounting
  • English
  • Open elective to be chosen by student

Semester - 2

  • Law of torts
  • Law of contract-ii and specific relief
  • Organizational behavior
  • Economic environment of business
  • Financial accounting
  • English
  • Open elective to be chosen by student
  • Seminar course report

Semester - 3

  • Human resource management
  • Cost and managerial accounting
  • Law of torts –2 (consumer protection and MV act)
  • Constitutional law
  • Hindu law
  • Business communication
  • Personality development program
  • Internship 1(internship report evaluation & viva voce)
  • Foreign language

Semester - 4

  • Financial management
  • Law of crimes-1 (Indian penal code)
  • Constitutional law
  • Muslim law
  • Managerial economics
  • Evs
  • Personality development program
  • Seminar course report
  • Foreign language

Semester - 5

  • Corporate law -1 including CSR
  • Labor law
  • Up land laws
  • Law of crimes
  • Criminal procedure code
  • Moot court & court management
  • Internship 2 (internship report evaluation & viva voce)
  • Community connect

Semester - 6

  • Environmental law
  • Law of evidence
  • Labor law
  • Criminal procedure code
  • Corporate law
  • Seminar course report

Semester - 7

  • Public international law
  • Administrative law
  • Interpretation of statutes
  • Civil procedure code
  • Jurisprudence
  • Criminology & penology (optional 1)
  • Internship 3(internship report evaluation & viva voce)

Semester - 8

  • Property laws
  • Private international law
  • Alternate dispute resolution
  • Civil procedure code-2 and law of limitation
  • Intellectual property laws
  • Criminology & penology (optional 2)
  • Seminar course report

Semester - 9

  • Taxation laws including GST
  • Professional ethics and bar bench relation
  • Banking laws & insurance
  • International human rights law (optional 3)
  • Comparative constitution (optional 4)
  • Internship 4 (internship report evaluation & viva voce)

Semester - 10

  • Moot court, trial preparations & participation in trial proceedings
  • Dissertation

The subjects under the BBA LLB program are carried out very intensively. The course is run for the duration of five years which inculcates all the management and law related studies. The subjects of management and administration are taught in the early semesters followed by the studies of law in their higher semesters.

The faculties at the BBA LLB Colleges are highly experienced with years of industrial and academic skill. They manage and review the courses each year to keep the program updated. Several of the faculties have completed their doctorate degree. The students must choose this course as their bachelor program since it has gained huge attention of the students and the representatives from industry for recruitment purposes.

For more information about BBA LLB Admissions contact IESOnline.

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