BBA LLB Fee Structure in Bangalore

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BBA LLB Colleges with Fees

Since the job profile and returns via salaries have skyrocketed for Law Practitioners, BBA LLB Colleges in Bangalore have seen a flood of applications over the past couple of years. Furthermore a number of changes in the legal climate of the country have resulted in the changes being witnessed today.

The Government today has made laws stricter with high levels of penalty for violators. Rights violations, copyright infringement and breach of trust are considered very serious in today's world. Corporations or individuals have to shell out a ton of money and may even face prosecution resulting in imprisonment for these violations.

This has resulted in a huge demand for practitioners of Law and positively contributed to BBA LLB Placements. Bangalore is the IT hub of India and home to a number of multinational firms. With the rise in the number of companies and a strong growth in population the demand for lawyers is also on the rise.

BBA LLB Colleges in Bangalore with Fees

BBA LLB Fee Structure
College Fees/Yr (in Rs)
Christ University 2.10 lakhs
M.S Ramaiah College of Law (MSRCL) 1,76,000
Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies (RILS) 1,40,000
Christ Academy Institute of Legal Studies 95,000
RV Law College (RVILS) 70,000
Acharya School of Law (ABBS) 55,000
Alliance University – School of Law 1,75,000
Kristu Jayanthi College of Law 60,000
KLE Society’s Law College 1,40,000
St. Joseph Law College 1,00,000
PES University – School of Law 200,000
IFIM Law College 150,000
CMR University 140,000
Reva University – School of Law 110,000
Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies 85,000
Presidency UniversityPresidency University – School of Law 1,50,000
ISBR Law College 1,15,000

Highly reputed colleges have higher course fees. But most colleges have made provisions for students to take up education loans in order reduce the burden on their shoulders. Students can also avail scholarships awarded by different bodies. Backward sections of society have been given certain provisions based on the rules set by the Government of India.

BA LLB colleges in India fall under the following categories –

  • Government owned colleges
  • Semi-private owned colleges
  • Private owned colleges


  • Most of the Government owned, Semi-private owned and private owned provides scholarships to the meritorious students.
  • Colleges do their level best to financially support talents
  • The scholarships are awarded to academically top and an all rounder.
  • The college always looks after the talents and helps the students to transform into a better individual.
  • Scholarship is also students who have excelled in sports, cultural, etc

Interested in pursuing a career in law?

For more information on BBA LLB Admissions, visit IESOnline.

BA LLB is a blend of law and arts courses. The law subjects are the same in both programs, but BA LLB includes humanities subjects, while BBA LLB includes management and business studies subjects. The career prospects after completing each of these courses, however, are similar.
Candidates in the BBA LLB program acquire advanced knowledge of corporate law, acquisitions, and mergers, while in the BA LLB program; arts (Humanities) topics are covered alongside law. BA LLB is the right course for you if you intend to qualify as a general lawyer.
BBA LLB is a hybrid law and business curriculum in which students are taught both business and legal subjects. Following that, law subjects such as Tort Law, Family Law, Constitutional Law, Property Law, Business Law, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, and others are taught to aspirants.
No, CLAT is not required to pursue a BBA LLB. Some colleges hold different entrance exams to admit students, while others enroll students based on their success in the previous qualifying test.
The time it takes to complete BBA LLB is 5 years, while the time it takes to complete LLB (3 years) after BBA (3 years) is 6 years. The BBA LLB gives you a comprehensive understanding of both management and law.
Yes many law colleges in Bangalore accept the payment in EMI
Christ college and M.S Ramaiah college of law has the best placement record in Bangalore compare any other colleges
It will cost around 65 k to 1.5 Lakhs per annum.
In addition to the judiciary and legal profession, students who complete the BBA LLB Degree Course will have several work opportunities in administration, planning, management, finance, and the industrial sector.
To become a judge, you must first complete your undergraduate degree and then an LLM post-graduate course.