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BCA In Bangalore

BCA Colleges In Bangalore have grown in maturity over the years since the IT boom due to the insane level of growth showcased by India’s Information Technology sector. India is known around the world for its expertise in software development, BPO, IT business and related fields. The software services industry is now preparing itself for a revolution largely driven by high growth areas like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Data Science and more. This growth is going to be driven by an explosion in digital adoption by the economies of the world. This would in turn lead to huge requirements for skilled IT professionals across industries.

Today the line drawn between a B.E / B.Tech in Computer Science and the BCA programme is fast fading out. Professionals with a degree in BCA have become a go to choice for multinational firms and a number of tech giants. BCA is today becoming a more lucrative choice for students as well due to the low level of capital investment required to complete the programme. Besides, specializations along with the degree would make graduates even more attractive for firms based in and outside India.

Completing BCA In Bangalore has become a sought after choice among today's youth due to the clear cut advantages it provides them. The programme has become a very popular course to get one’s career ignited in the Information Technology arena. Graduates of the programme also have the option to go for the Masters in computer application (MCA) which will aid them in landing better careers and packages in the industry.

BCA Course

Bachelor of Computer Application or BCA course is a three year undergraduate programme meant to develope computer skills in students. It provides a great knowledge in programming languages such as C++, C, Python, Oracle and Java. Students also gain valuable skills in Business intelligence, Web designing and database management systems. The syllabus varies from university to university but overall, the knowledge and the core subjects in BCA are largely the same across the large majority of institutes in the country.

As the BCA Course In Bangalore includes topics dealing with C Programming and Java and C Programming it is now being considered to be on equal footing with a programme in Bachelors in Technology, Computer Science. The programme course syllabus may vary slightly from university to university but is mostly similar across many institutions. After completion of the BCA course, the student has a number of options in the job market and even pursuing the masters programme. MCA or Masters in Computer Application increases career prospects significantly

Subjects offered in the BCA programme include the following but are not limited to:

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • System Analysis & Design
  • C-Programming
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • In-depth Working of Computer Sub-system
  • Computer Laboratory & Practical work
  • Visual Basic

BCA Placements In Bangalore are great and students have a unique opportunity to land jobs in some of the biggest IT corporations in the country. These firms also have a strong international presence which offers them even better opportunities career wise to go onsite etc. The pay in this line of profession is quite handsome and cherished by many.

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