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B.Com Logistics

Logistics is a relatively new word for many but it has become even more important today than ever before. The word has many meanings but as far as commerce is concerned it deals with the transport and storage of goods. In today's world it can be more complex than it sounds. What used to be done quite simply in the past is no longer the case. Today technology plays a very important role in deciding logistics and without a good understanding of technology one’s skills in logistics and management is more or less redundant. The Indian logistics industry is worth something near 215 Billion dollars and expanding fast. The sheer size of the industry can give an idea as to the kind of intake that his industry will have in the near future.

B.Com Logistics Colleges In Bangalore are considered to be the best. Bangalore is essentially the Information Technology nerve center of the country and not to mention the number of multinational corporations that have back operations running from the city. The city is at the forefront when it comes to technology and leaves most other regions of Indian behind in this regard. This is why the metropolis has become the leader when it comes to delivering high quality education. No matter what the field of education, students have a better chance of being technologically acquainted when they pursue their education here in Bangalore. Students have been known to choose the city and pursue their courses coming in from the far reaches of the nation. International students are also a common sight at the campuses in Bangalore.

Many B.Com Logistics Colleges can be found across the length and breadth of Bangalore but the true value of the course can be unlocked only from the most reputable institutes that offer them. When deciding to go with a course the college has to be taken into account. The kind of infrastructure that has been made available and also whether the college has industrial ties and has an active syllabus that is constantly updated with changes in terms of relevance and technology. The quality of faculty and their areas of expertise also count along with placement performance, internship assistance and placement training among others. Key institutes in the field of commerce give a huge importance to developing sound soft skills. A person with a strong communication and presentation skills will find it easy to get into high paying jobs which are what has been seen from past records. Colleges that invest heavily in soft skill training generally see a great level of improvement in their placement parameters as well.

B.Com Logistics In Indo Asian Academy is among the top institutes for programmes in commerce. The college specializes in a number of fields and is a preferred choice among aspiring commerce students. The college and the programme of B Com Logistics provided at Indo Asian has been approved by the Government. Moreover students who graduate with the degree are well received throughout the country. The college also boasts a strong alumni group that is well connected. This network of individuals is active when it comes to lending their support to the new students who join the institute.

B.Com Logistics Syllabus

The course is a much updated syllabus at Indo Asian Academy. The academy ardently focuses on keeping its students up to date with the matters of their specialization. This is to ensure that their career prospects after course completion remain filled with opportunities.

B Com Logistics Course Syllabus includes a number of subjects. A brief lay out of the same has been given below:

  • Language is a common subject throughout the majority of the semesters and English is mandatory.
  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing and Services Management
  • Indian Financial System
  • Banking Law and Operations
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Retail Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
  • Financial Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Stock and Commodity Markets
  • E-Business and Accounting
  • Principles of Event Management

B.Com Logistics Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities In B.Com Logistics are very sound. First of all the Indian economy is gearing up towards becoming self-sufficient in a large number of manufactured goods starting with pharmaceuticals. Although this was the kind of rhetoric that we have had in the past and most politicians had talked about this for decades, it was not very effective in materializing until the Covid crisis hit us. In a post Covid era India is poised to become the factory to the world much the same way as China had made that transition decades ago. Today the sentiment has changed all together and manufacturing industries are being seen as a strategic fail safe in a crisis. As India becomes poised to form a more integral part of the global supply chain, demand for students with a B Com in Logistics is only going to rise.

Jobs can be found in sectors and areas like in:

  • Delivery and courier services
  • Logistics and supply chain management firms.
  • The movers and transportation industry
  • FMCG space
  • Factories with inventory management needs for raw materials and finished goods
  • Sea ports and container terminals
  • Airports and air cargo terminals
  • Chemicals manufacturing and distribution firms.

It was in the year 2007 that the Indo Asian Academy took shape at the hands of Prof.Dr. T.Ekambaram Naidu. Ever since its establishment the institute has been quite supportive to the student community by providing a variety of academic opportunities. The college is well known for the applications it receives from foreign countries along with those from the home land. The college can be fairly called a boiling pot of cultures that promotes an ambient atmosphere conducive for learning. Over a short span of 13 years the college has managed to inspire and change the lives of thousands of students spread across the world. Equality, diversity, quality and Integrity are values the college was built on.

Why study B.Com Logistics @ Indo Asian Academy?

B.Com logistics in Indo Asian Academy is a highly sought after programme due to the nature of the course and the quality of the institute itself. Every year the college receives numerous applications for this programme but admittance is limited to a small number of seats making it quite competitive.

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