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My "Best Fit" Course Selector Package

Hey, we know that there are questions in your mind regarding which course / career to pick after class XII, well we think that this is a good starting point. But do you know your BEST SUITED course after class XII?

Many students who pick different courses after class XII every year have little or no idea about what does each course or career entail. While being still at that course, many actually feel that they have got trapped in the wrong course but usually this realization comes when it is too late. In order to make a well informed decision, it is crucial that you first identify your INTERESTS, VALUES, SKILLS and PERSONALITY PREFERENCES.

  •   Learning about your interests will help you identify opportunities to pursue and the topics you are most naturally drawn to, making school and work more motivating and enjoyable.
  •   Values are the things that motivate us and move us toward certain decisions, behaviours and goals. Values greatly influence the career decision making process, job satisfaction and, ultimately, life satisfaction.
  •   Skills are the things that you are good at and have the ability to do well. Assessing your skills allows you to determine which ones you want to acquire or further develop, the specific ways to accomplish those goals, and how your skills match with potential careers.
  •   Personality Preferences & Interpersonal Needs are related to your individual, innate nature and tend to be consistent over time. Understanding personality and interpersonal needs allows you to see correlations between the way you make decisions and your work style.

But unfortunately many students fail to do so. Now with the help of Psychometric Analysis, it is possible to find that which course /career would be best suited for you. Through this "Best Fit" Course selector package, you can get to know the courses which are best suited for you.

In this package, you will first take an Online Assessment, which will map your aptitudes like Interest, skill, and your Personality .Then post our rigorous analysis where we match your Aptitude-Personality combinations with different Commerce / Arts courses based on which our experts will recommend to you your THREE Best Fit courses/careers, where you will not only enjoy learning the subjects but can also go on to become extraordinary performers.

Psychometric Analysis

Step 1
Online Psychometric Assessment

  •   Aptitude Test (To check your inherent potential)
  •   Personality Test
  •   Interest Mapping

Step 2
Analysis and Processing

  •   Aptitude - Personality Combination Scores.
  •   Matching with the relevant Courses / Careers by experts.

Step 3

  •   Your BestFitStream are recommended.
  •   The Road Map of Success!