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BMSCA Reviews

Over times, the alumni of BMSCA have shared their experiences through BMS College of Architecture Reviews. Reviews are resourceful. They are full of insights.

BMSCA reviews throws light on several things, including

This pioneer college of architecture maintains a supreme form of infrastructure. By incorporating every requirement of the students, the institution has created a conducive environment of education inside the campus. The prime focus of the management remains dedicated to academic and professional excellence.

Faculty Members:
The institution is blessed with an excellent group of faculty members. They are more facilitators than teachers. Even after the completion of the course and getting job students to remain connected to their teachers.

The institution has a big alumni network plays supportive roles in BMS College of Architecture Placement activities.

There is an abundant collection of Books, Magazines, Reports, Journals, Govt. Documents (Bangalore Master Plan documents, Handbooks etc.), CD’s, E-resources in the library. It is available on all working days from 8am to 8pm.

BMSCA studios strive to create strong grounds for future architects of the country. It is a place where students started discovering the need to design, build and create new trends of architecture.

Co-curricular & Extra Curricular Activities:
Institution gives plenty of co-curricular and extra-curricular scopes to their students. These play an important role in breaking the ice among the students. The college has adopted a culture which is student-driven. Students explore their interests in different kinds, share ideas and discover their professional attributes.

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Disclaimer:The information provided here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee the aptness of information. We would recommend to verify the information from Institute’s website as there could be changes from time to time. The above information is for students community in large and does not mean that we provide management quota admission in BMS College of Architecture. There is no process for direct admission. Except Foreign / NRI Quota admission in BMS College of Architecture, all other admissions takes place through college selection process only.