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BMSSA Ranking

There is hardly any boasting about BMS School of Architecture Ranking. The architecture industry has been observing profound development since the past decade. It is gaining importance with the introduction of new subjects related to it, and the swift development in the existing ones. The global popularity and fame received by the architects are enticing for students who have interests in a fundamentally artistic and technical knowledge like architecture. While ranking an architecture college certain parameter are taken into consideration like:

  • High admission standards
  • Educational programmes
  • Faculty qualification
  • Services
  • Integrating new discipline
  • Alumni
  • Students’ satisfaction

Since the time of its inception, the college keeps ranking among the top architectural colleges in India. Critics and judges of the educational industry keep ranking it within the 15- 20th position. It is an achievement for an institution having just 8 years of service exposure.The college has been approved as an Independent ‘School of Architecture’ in the year 2010. BMSSA is an institution of innovation and one of the country's few autonomous architecture schools with a predefined goal of being devoted to educating young minds to be corporate ready, artistic designers and responsible and knowledgeable citizens.

The institution has collaborated with reputed national and international associations like Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Government of India and International Collaboration with ETSAB, Barcelona respectively. Collaborations like these keep strengthening their roots of architectural excellence.

After the completion of the BMS School of Architectural Courses, students have found their rightful places in the architectural landscape. Alumni are working gracefully in architecture firm all over the world.In spite of the time-period, architecture degree is both fulfilling and economically rewarding. Students who decide to study it must show zeal for both arts and sciences, as it is blended with elements of arithmetic, engineering, art and comprehending contemporary technologies, trends and social issues. Albeit most alumni will become authorized architects, opening start-ups or within an organization or firm, there are numerous other potential jobs scopes. Architecture graduates are a good match for any job requiring innovative and visual proficiencies, technical ability and information on buildings. These may include graphic design, building reviewing, housing policy, or spatial design.

For further detail on BMS School of Architecture Admissions please contact IESOnline.

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