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BNM Institute of Technology Reviews

Placements were quit good. We had lots of companies which visited our college. Some of them were accenture, infosys, cognigent etc. Some shipping companies like westline shipping and alpha 9 also visited my company. I got selected in westline shipping. My seniors are placed in nice companies like accenture, infosys etc. They had more opportunities. As at this time companies didn't come for mass recruitment. But for my seniors mass recruitment was there.

Infrastructure : My college has really good infrastructure. There are different buildings for different branches. It has playgrounds, park, water fountain etc. The buildings are equipped with all the basic needs. It has fire alarm system. The college management has paid lot of attention in cleanliness. Canteen area is one of its own kind. A huge place is provided for cafeteria. We can get all the foods there. Different gates are provided for different purposes. Like for students different GATE for teachers different GATE for vehicles different GATE. We also have a huge parking area. Gym is also provided for the students in college. There are different rooms for different labs and all the labs are well-equipped. A huge library is there in college. It contains all the semesters books for all the branches. It also has internet surfing area where students can use internet. The college has provided 1 special doctor for the students. Students can go anytime between the college time and can get checked up there.

Faculty : Faculty of bnmit are very knowledgeable and very good human being. They are very helpful and fully qualified. They always try to make us understand every problem with full details. They always take extra classes to finish the syllabus on time. They use very good teaching method. They also use projectors to make us understand with more clarity. There are pretty good number of faculty members. The student to faculty ratio was proper. In all the semesters we had industrial visits. These visits gave us industry exposure.

Other : There are many different fest which are held in our campus. Some of the events are TATVA, quiz, ethnic day and many more. These events are very exciting and very helpful. College also provide scholarships for students. We have different sports tournaments which happens in college. Like cricket, badminton, table tennis, basketball etc.

Placements :BNM Institute of Technology placement assistance from the college placement management is really good, and they provide a great opportunity to learn about various extra courses. The college provides training in the company, and also placement opportunity etc.

Infrastructure : The infrastructure of the college is great, and the quality of the classrooms is great. The lab is equipped with the best equipment that is needed to do the experiments very accurately. The library has all the books that the students need. The hostel rooms are provided with a personal bed, study table, almirah and a common bathroom.

Faculty :BNM Institute of Technology courses seem to be little difficult, but it is the best course you can opt for as it's really easy to understand. The faculty members of this college are very helpful concerning the difficulties in studies. The department encourages extracurricular activities such as music, dance, and trips to hill stations.

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Disclaimer:The information provided here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee the aptness of information. We would recommend to verify the information from Institute’s website as there could be changes from time to time. The above information is for students community in large and does not mean that we provide management quota admission in BNM Institute of Technology. There is no process for direct admission. Except Foreign / NRI Quota admission in BNM Institute of Technology, all other admissions takes place through BNM Institute of Technology selection process only.