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B.Sc Interior Design

Interior designing is well polished course and has been around for quite some time now. That being said there are a couple of new inroads or developments in this course. Most of this has to do with the apparent changes in technology as far as material science, inventory management, estimating and usage of software solutions are concerned. How skilled and updated a person is at using tools to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of projects, will decide the career options in this line of work.

It is not uncommon to find interior designers earning huge sums of money for single projects. The name and reputation that one builds will have a strong influence on money earned.

B.Sc Interior Design

B.Sc Interior Design course is a classic example of an evergreen career path. This can be attributed to the nature of the real estate industry in general. The property development and real estate markets have sustained themselves through the hardest periods in history. Though knee-jerk reactions are quite the mainstay in this domain, the industry seems to have weathered well to all possible scenarios. The classic example of this would be the economic crisis of 2008 which hit the industry hard but then came a period of sustained growth that lasted more than a decade.

Why should B.Sc in Interior Designing colleges in Bangalore remain relevant in a post Covid economy?

There are numerous reasons for this, some of which are listed below:

  • Low property prices will promote the sale of old worn out properties at dirt cheap rates. Acquiring these assets and renovating them for upselling later, is a very good business model. Renovations would obviously require the skills of an expert Interior Designer.
  • Since the opening up of our economy in 1991 businesses have moved towards a brand building process. Having office spaces and premises made aesthetically appealing plays a big role in how people perceive brands. Firms are ready to spend fortunes to change their perception in the eyes of customers which would create a lot of opportunity for experts in the field of Interior Design.
  • Cost effective interior designing will play a very important role in years to come. This sort of a design will have a number of takers especially among the mid and lower middle class.
  • Bangalore is a city like no other. It is the IT nerve center of the entire country. Just like the financial crisis in 2008 that forced many MNCs to move their back end operations to Bangalore, the covid crisis will have similar effects on many firms across the globe. This would indirectly benefit interior designing firms in Bangalore and India at large.
  • Bangalore has a very strong real estate market that has made consistent returns over the years and technology adoption in the metropolis is one of the highest in the country.

Bangalore has some of the top B.Sc Interior Design colleges in India. Among them the Indo Asian Academy seems to be garnering a lot of attention. This can be attributed to the quality of education imparted by the skilled faculty at the institute. Its general policy to remain technologically up to date while maintaining strong ties with the industry have paid off well.

Indo Asian Academy is known for providing courses that help students land great jobs.

B.Sc Interior Design Syllabus

The course is designed to provide extensive knowledge in a range of advanced and basic interior design and business courses. Students will also be made to undergo training in various computer related courses such as CAD, graphic design, 3-D design and space management among others. They will also be trained in display and design related software. This is a three year programme which opens up many fields for the candidates after course completion.

The general BSc Interior Design course syllabus will include subjects like:

  • Management skills
  • Design sources and Materials
  • English: Prose and Usages
  • Environmental Psychology and Human Factors
  • Interior Design Studio
  • Fundamentals of Interior Graphics
  • Interior Architecture Foundation Studio
  • Computers Basics
  • Introduction to CAD
  • Furniture Design
  • English Composition & Business Correspondence
  • Art and Architecture History
  • Interior Service Systems
  • Concept of Structures
  • Interior Construction
  • Landscape Design
  • Lighting Technology & Applications
  • Interior Design Thesis Project
  • Retail Design
  • Restaurant & Bar Design
  • Estimating and Budgeting
  • Professional Practice
  • Management & Entrepreneurship Development

B.Sc Interior Design Career Opportunities

Completion of a recognized course in Interior Design from a reputed college such as Indo Asian Academy opens up a number of opportunities for students. If properly exploited students could find valuable internships and get placed via the college’s placement cell.

B.Sc Interior Design career opportunity would include the following domains and titles:

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Event Management Agencies
  • Freelancing (Interior Design)
  • Design Marketing Companies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Assistant Interior Designer
  • Sales Representative
  • Business Development Manager
  • Technical Assistant
  • Interior Design Fresher Trainee
  • Marketing Manager
  • Studio Mentor & Architect/Interior Designer
  • Facilities Planner

Why study B.Sc Interior Design @ Indo Asian Academy?

Indo Asian Academy is a very renowned institute well known throughout India for its innovative courses. Every year the college witnesses a flood of applications especially into some of the most demanded courses. The BSc Interior Design programme at Indo Asian Academy is a favorite among aspiring students. Being situated in Bangalore, The IT hub of India the college has built a strong network with a number of firms. These relations can be actively exploited by students to land great jobs in their field of study. The placement cell at Indo Asian Academy is at the forefront of training and moldingit’s students into great professionals. The college also makes way for great internships which will help students propel their career forward.

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