B Sc LLB Course in Bangalore

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B Sc LLB Course in Bangalore

B.Sc LLB Course in Bangalore is effectively planned and structured by eminent academicians. B. Sc LLB is an integrated Bachelor’s degree Program that includes both Science and Legislative Law specialization subjects. The duration of this course is 5 academic years which corresponds to 10 semesters in total; each academic year comprises 2 semesters. Due importance is given to the core subjects related to both science and law. In the 5th academic year, the students can select a specialization of their interest. The curriculum also includes various enrichment programs and workshops to ensure a better learning experience for the students.

Some of the few important subjects taught to the students during B.Sc LLB is:

Electronic Devices, Circuits and IC Technology Introductory Biotechnology and Cell Biology Tools and Techniques of Biotechnology
Polymer Chemistry Programming Fundamentals & Data Base Management System Microbial Biotechnology and Fermentation Technology
Plant and Animal Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Chemistry Law of Contract
History Techniques of Communication, Client Interviewing & Counseling Family law
Law of Crimes Law of Torts and Consumer Protection Constitutional Law
Administrative Law Code of Criminal Procedure Corporate Law
Human Right Law Investment and Competition Law Jurisprudence
Laws and Technology Labor Law International Trade Law
Women & Law Election Law Legal Ethics and Court Craft
Concepts of Chemistry Digital Electronics: Microprocessors and Interfaces Telecom Engineering Fundamentals, Data and Wireless Communication
Genetics, Immunology and Molecular Biotechnology Physical Pharmacy Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Information Theory, Coding and Network Programming Techniques of Communication, Client Interviewing & Counseling Genetic Engineering and Genomics

Thorough research and continuous observations have revealed that the aspirants of B.Sc LLB Admission in Bangalore will develop the following personalities after completion of the degree program:

  • Fluency and clarity in speech
  • Ability to work for long hours
  • Keen observation and decision-making abilities
  • Persuasive and confident
  • Intellectual thought flow and research mindset
  • Ability to think logically and analyze the situation under various prospects
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills

Several enhanced teaching methodologies are employed in the colleges at Bangalore to promote blended learning and a multidisciplinary approach. The monotony of classroom teaching is broken through various activities such as group discussions, case studies, moot courts and project work. Practical sessions for science subjects help the students gain hands-on experience with the concepts and understand them better. Cooperative teaching and peer teaching techniques are also used in colleges to ensure a better understanding of the concepts among the students. Students are also made to participate in several community outreach programs and social welfare activities. This helps them understand the socio-legal in a more appropriate manner

A high degree of interaction between the students and teachers in the classrooms during the lectures enables the students to come off their hesitation and get their doubts clarified. Most effective study materials are also provided by the faculties to help students to perform better in the exams. Students are involved in active participation in the classroom discussion with the help of digital aids. At the B. Sc LLB Colleges in Bangalore, the highly learned faculties are easily accessible during and beyond the working hours of the colleges. They always pay attention to the holistic growth of their students as proficient experts in their field of interest.

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B.Sc. LLB is the undergraduate course
It’s 5 Years Course in Bangalore
These days, B.Sc. + LLB is one of the most common career options for law students. Students with this degree may take advantage of a variety of career opportunities. Graduates may work in the judiciary, consultancies, consulting firms, educational institutions, or even open their practice.
Candidates from the science streams are better suited for the B.Sc. LLB course, while candidates from the commerce and arts streams are best suited for the BA LLB course.
After completing B.Sc. LLB You have Wide Range of Job opportunities Such as Advocate, Lawyer, Professor, School Teacher, Session Judge, District Judge, Law Report, and Notary.
CLAT, LSAT India, MH CET Law, TS LAWCET, APLAWCET, and other entrance exams are required for admission to the BSc LLB program.
Candidates belonging to the General/ OBC/ Specially Abled Individual categories must have obtained at least 45 percent marks at the 10+2 level to be qualified to apply for the BSc LLB course, while the percentage set for the SC/ ST category is 40 percent.
13 June is the exam date of the CLAT 2021 exam
The key distinction is that BA LLB confers a Bachelor of Arts degree, while B.Sc. LLB confers a Bachelor of Science degree. It makes no difference which one you choose. The only thing that is taken into account is your legal skills and knowledge. Other than that, there are no significant variations.

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