Career Counselling

Develop clarity, Discover confidence, Experience Success


In today's competitive world, it is important for one to choose and decide on a definite career path early in one's life. With the wide range of courses available and companies seeking specialized people, choosing a career has become a serious and tedious affair. While selecting a career, it is important for the student to discover their potential, aptitude and interest, and then select the right course accordingly. Unfortunately, many students fail to do so which eventually leads them to make the wrong career choices.While a good decision at the right time can create a huge, long-lasting impact on your life, a wrong one can ruin it. Our career counselling services have been designed to help students develop clarity, discover confidence and experience success. In case you are in a dilemma about choosing a suitable career for yourself, approaching our experienced and qualified career counsellors is always advisable.

Our career counselling techniques usually involves the testing of five factors:

  •   Aptitude.
  •   Interest.
  •   Personality.
  •   Left – Right Brain Bias.
  •   Learning Style.

Based on these characteristics, we suggest the right career path to you. We can immensely support and guide you by conducting a number of personality as well as aptitude tests to analyze your true potential, based on which you can opt for the perfect course. Our counsellors also help you get a clear-cut view on what you can expect out of the chosen course and overcome any pre-conceived notions regarding it.

Education determines the future of an individual since it plays a pivotal role in shaping one's career. It is crucial to know about the specific courses and the ones conducted by reputed institutions, as a part of the process of career planning. This is where IES steps in. With our tremendous expertise, we can provide quality career guidance to those who are looking for education in India.

Career planning is also important due to its impact on determining the career goal. We understand your demands associated with your career, in terms of planning as well as executing. Selecting an effective career option results in a better career decision and thus a quality life. With the help of our expert career counsellors, we can lead you towards the right direction. I.E.S can hence make a positive difference to your career and life.

We provide Career Counselling in Bangalore with the help of various scientific career counselling tools especially developed to guide students sucessfully. We are home to some of the best career counsellors in Bangalore who can deliver best Best Career Guidance in Bangalore.