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Christ Academy M.Sc Psychology Bangalore Placements

The Christ Academy M sc Psychology is a well managed establishment by the CMI (Carmelites of Mary Immaculate) fathers. The college has a rich history of imparting high quality education. Christ Academy Msc Psychology Reviews is a living proof to its good management practices.

M.Sc Psychology is taught by one of the best minds in the country. Highly qualified with an extraordinary track record and excellent hands on experience, their knowledge knows no bounds. At the institute students are mentored and guided to question everything and learn through reason. Over the years there has been a steady increase in the number of applicants who opt for M sc Psychology as a course nationwide. Unlike other industries the scenario is positive for graduate and postgraduate psychology candidates.

Christ Academy Msc Psychology Placements are quite impressive. Jobs that can be opted for by Masters in Psychology students include the following:

Behavioral Counselor: A behavioral counselor is a professional in the field of Psychology who uses a number of different therapies to help their patients change some of their behaviors.

Group Home Coordinator: A group home coordinator is one who works in order to keep the standards of quality high for those residing in homes. They even have to meet specific standards as far as group homes are concerned. They work with residents to provide high quality results in response to specific needs.

Psychiatric Technician: A psychiatric technician is an entry level mental health worker job. They are employed in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, nursing homes and other facilities in which there are mentally disturbed patients.

Health Project Coordinator: A health project coordinator coordinates the building of a new hospital block or assists in the hiring of new doctors. They can also help hospitals come up with plans to reduce response times during emergencies or assist in the transition from paper records to digital ones

Rehabilitation Specialist: Rehabilitation specialists work in medical establishments that encourage development for clients suffering from mental disabilities or illnesses. These specialists end up creating plans for individuals in order to aid them in adapting to their day to day life.

Child Supervisor: A child supervisor can assume operational responsibility of child care centers. They are responsible for working with families and children, connecting with the community, working effectively with staff and program planning.

Child Protection Worker: Child protection workers are responsible for services that help families and children through various difficulties and hardships. The worker focuses on protecting children facing hard situations.

Family Services Worker: Family service workers provide assistance and services to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and family. They help in maximizing family well-being and the academic functioning of children.

The Placement and Career Guidance unit of the college focuses on arming students with soft skills that help them tackle any interview panel. Multiple mock interviews and training are provided to enhance student performance during interviews. Christ Academy has an impressive placement record with students securing excellent packages.

For detailed information about Christ Academy M.Sc Psychology contact +91-9743277777

Graduates of the M.Sc Psychology program at Christ Academy can pursue a range of career opportunities, including roles in mental health clinics, hospitals, schools, research institutions, and non-profit organizations.
M.Sc Psychology students can expect to work in various job roles such as Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor, Research Assistant, HR Executive, Rehabilitation Specialist, and many more.

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