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Christ University BA LLB Courses

Considered a deemed to be University, The School of Law, Christ University has provisions for law courses, from undergraduate to research level. Christ University BA LLB Courses are drafted with a view of delivering legal professionals to meet the requirements of several sectors of society. At present, a law student with desired skills, inherent interests get a wide range of legal professional opportunities. Law plays a significant role in today's corporate world, whether it is in administration, commerce or trade. Every organization needs their activities done lawfully. Courses are imbibed with certain values and skills like legal writing, advocacy, and methodology, research, considered as a potential support to the students entering the world of law.

Christ University BA LLB is a five-year integrated course, which provides comprehensive knowledge of law including international relations, legislative practices, and sociology and information technology. During the five-year course duration, students acquire substantial knowledge of the following subjects, which provides a platform to create a landmark in the legal profession.

Political Theory: This subject gives knowledge about the basic philosophical ideas of constitution, contemporary conservative parties, origin and concepts of socialism, etc.

Indian Legal & Constitutional History: Helps the students to understand the history of Indian Legal System during the period 1600-1947. It also covers the emergence of British Legislative System and its impact.

Indian Government & Politics: This subject gives better understanding of Indian Constitution and the evolution of Indian Government, post independence.

Family Law: It covers the salient features of all personal laws in India, demonstrated in the uncodified and codified laws.

Jurisprudence: The study of Jurisprudence assists the lawyer in the analysis of legal concepts and sharpens their logical thinking.

Property Law: It helps students to understand the basic philosophy of property law that covers the concepts of ‘Property’, ‘Nature of Property’, and ‘Transfer of Property’.

Company Law: By studying this subject, students learn the importance of business associations, history, and regulatory framework of associations.

Intellectual Property Law: A clear understanding of the intellectual property law has become necessary for policy makers, business executives, educators, and inventors as they all involved in creative and innovative ventures.

Law of E-commerce: It covers the basic principles of E-commerce with which students can get the ability to draft policies addressing the global challenges and emerging issues of law around the world.

Public Interest Litigation, Legal Aid 7 Para Legal Services: This course inculcates social responsibilities in students by giving an exposure to social-legal aspects and sensitizing them to the problems of weaker sections of society.

After pursuing BA LLB, students get multiple career opportunities in numerous fields like a lawyer, legal advisor, public prosecutor, judge, company secretary, etc.

Christ College BA LLB Fees and courses are designed as per the present legal industry standards as well as the services delivered by the institute. The undergraduate course offered by the institution has approval from the Bar Council of India.

Alumni of the institution play a vital role in students’ life. They inspire students with their elegant personality. Alumni inhibit the skills and essential knowledge into students required to compete with the industry. Alumni of this college have contributed to society in several ways; few of them joined public services, corporate industries, and some of them started their ventures.

For more detailed information regarding Christ University BA LLB Admission contact IESOnline.

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