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B.Com is an undergraduate commerce degree and its duration is about 3 years. Students that have passed the Higher Secondary Examination successfully can get admission in this program at Christ University. This is amid the most popular UG courses amid students. Christ University offers B.Com courses in 3 modes, namely B.Com vocational, B.Com honors and B.Com pass course. This bachelor's degree will prepare a student for a bright career in management, information systems, financial management, banking and accounting. The compulsory courses under B.Com degree will help in building a great foundation of the business skills which you will apply for various issues and decisions within the contemporary business world.

Christ University BCom Fees

Christ University Fee Structure
B.Com Fee Details (1st Year)
Specializations Karnataka Students Non-Karnataka Students
BCom (Strategic Finance Honours) 195000 INR 215000 INR
Bachelor of Commerce Professional 184000 INR 209000 INR
Bachelor of Commerce - Honours 92000 INR 112000 INR
Bachelor of Commerce (International Finance) 240000 INR 270000 INR
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Accountancy) 70000 INR 95000 INR
Bachelor of Commerce 50000 INR 80000 INR

The purpose of a B.Com degree:

Commerce degree is amid the leading founding pillars when it comes to any civilization. Its purpose is in preparing candidates that are equipped with skills and knowledge associated with business management and economics. This degree course will offer aspiring students with different managerial skills.

B.Com Program and its core subjects:

The different subjects that form a vital part of this program are as follows:

  • Business communication
  • Business mathematics
  • International business
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Accounts

B.Com and its Job Prospects:

Commerce is the most widely and popularly selected educational streams via the students. In fact a key reason for this is the huge scope of job opportunities in the market for commerce students undoubtedly is much higher compared to other streams. The Bachelor of Commerce course program will impart students with the fundamental knowledge regarding commerce and trade practices within the society, thereby preparing them for job openings in different sectors. Any B.Com graduate will have the flexibility of working both in the private and public sectors and will be more apt to work in assorted industries as well as various roles such as,

  • Production planning
  • Retailing
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Hospitality
  • Administration

All said about the course, its benefits and job opportunities what will be the approximate Christ University Bcom Fees? Well, the Christ University Bcom Fees will be somewhere between 1 lakh to 1 lakh fifty five thousand depending on the state, foreign nation or NRI.

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