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Christian Medical College Vellore

The Christian Medical College, Vellore (CMC) was established in 1918 with a motto “Not to Be Ministered Unto, But to Minister”. It is formed and regulated by the Christian Medical College Vellore Association which is a registered society of over 50 different Indian Christian churches and Christian organisations that caters over 225 hospitals, health centres and dispensaries across India.

It is a self- supporting, non capitation, Christian minority educational institution that accepts students on all India basis. The college goal is to improves human health and well being and promote healthy communities through clinical practice and education.

The college holds a record of catering to about 25.6 lakhs outpatients & about 1.35 lakhs inpatients per year with an outreach to about 3.4 lakh people. CMC Vellore courses include 179 programs in subjects including MBBS. Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, Postgraduate medical specialties, distance learning programs in addition to PhD programs in several disciplines. The college produces about an average of 350 publications & research papers published in indexed peer reviewed journals per year. It aims to deliver the highest quality patient care and prepare the next generation of distinguished clinical and scientific leaders.

It is ranked amongst the top medical colleges in India accredited by MCI and also have been ranked by reputed media organizations like The Week, India Today. CMC strive to promote faculty, staff and learner development in a diverse, respectful environment where the faculty pool show professionalism, enhance learning, and create personal and professional sustainability.

Today, Vellore Medical Collegehas a state-of-the-art hospital at Vellore and has about 2800 beds across 5 campuses. The hospital have taken 2000 doctors and 3000 nurses under its wing and offers a huge range of different medical specialities, with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, alongside primary and secondary level care for local communities. It is also equipped with a vast array of sophisticated equipment including 3 MRI, 3 CT Scanners, 2 advanced Linear Accelerators, a PET- CT scan and the latest auto analyzers in the laboratories.

CMC Vellore Ranking

Ranking is important for the prospective students who are interested in particular courses as it helps them save time by narrowing down their search. Students according to their interests which either can be the quality of facilities, programmes imparted, or overall working of the school, can find colleges published in online portals or media outlets like magazines, newspaper where best college ranking is published according to the best features of the college. Interested students can also check accreditations and affiliations with the government for their legitimacy. CMC has been ranked by numerous media organizations and it has always come up in the top of the ranking chart.

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CMC Vellore Admission

CMC educates would-be doctors and scientists to serve the community adopting patient-centred, community-based interprofessional and evidence-based model of education that is dedicated to inclusion, promotes discovery and utilizes innovative techniques. Students are invited to discover the array of educational, clinical and research opportunities offered here. The healthy environment provides them the opportunity to become a capable, compassionate physician who will provide high quality specialty or primary care locally, nationally and globally. With more than 100 years of experience in medical education, CMC is at the centre of a vibrant community of students, faculty, staff, and partnerships, located in Tamil Nadu.

For more information visit CMC Vellore Admission

CMC Vellore Fees

The fee structure of the college is transparent and students interested to study here need not worry about the fees, because the college designed the fee structure which will cater to all the students from different economic backgrounds. Fees once paid cannot be refunded and also after the registration if they want to withdraw from the course they have o pay the full annual fee of the course. Main motive behind the affordable fee structure is students from different community can take the opportunity to study from the best and experienced teachers, be a part of the world-class campus that work with students closely for their development and growth.

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CMC Vellore Scholarship

Various CMC Vellore Scholarship and subsidized fees are arranged for the weaker sections of the students. Scholarships are available after admission for economically disadvantaged candidates. The primary aim of CMC is education, training and professional development and they want the best students from different economic backgrounds. The fees for their comfort are heavily subsidized and even if these poorer sections find it hard to pay they are encouraged to apply for scholarships which are available for all undergraduate courses (Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences). Scholarships depend on the economic status which covers all or part of the fees and accommodation costs.

CMC Vellore Courses

CMC developed interprofessional, hands on approach to academics that gives students the tools they require to stand out in their field, even as those fields continue to change. Here they will discover that the medical school consistently find ways to bring together all parts of the healthcare team; in fact, through healthcare simulations, they quickly learn the importance of partnering with patients. The curriculum is designed to provide a medical education that prepares them comprehensively for residency training, provides them the experience on which to base their career selection, and prepares them for careers in different medical care settings or for lives of continuous learning.

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CMC Vellore Hostel

CMC Vellore Hostel for women was first opened in 1932 and much later the mens’ hostel was built in the year 1953. Over the years the hostel buildings has been modified to suit the needs of modernity; however, it still exudes a warm and friendly ambience. It is mandatory for students from MBBS, BSc Nursing and Diploma in Nursing courses to be residing in the hostel. For other course hostel is available depending on the availability. The hostel mess is run by the hostel residents, offers a wide variety of options on the menu across both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. The mess bill will be given to the residents every month and it is their responsibility to ensure that it is paid within the specified last date. Any difficulty in paying fees should be brought to the notice of the Hostel Treasurer, General Secretary.

CMC Vellore Address

CMC Vellore Address is IDA Scudder Rd, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 63200.

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