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Bangalore City College Courses

From sciences to maths, arts and management City College Jayanagar offer excellence in their inter disciplinary programmes. The faculty here help set the global standards of brilliance in their subjects of teaching. The education is notable for its rigorous curriculum and close collaborations with faculty. Students are pursuing their graduate and postgraduate degrees in an academic environment that emphasizes teamwork, critical thinking, and a deep und3rstanding of core concepts across fields.

Students who graduate from here are prepared to become academia, industry, and public services, leaders in science. Students who graduate from here are prepared to become academia, leaders in science, managers, industry and public services. Graduates are well taught in their ability to identify, analyze and solve problems within and across their disciplines and they are expected to be prepared to apply their expertise throughout their professional careers.

City College Courses
Course(s) Duration (Years)
B.Sc Biotechnology 3
B.Sc Microbiology 3
B.Sc Computer Science 3
B.Sc Electronics 3
B.Sc Fashion & Apparel Design 3
B.Com - Bachelor Of Commerce 3
B.C.A - Bachelor Of Computer Application 3
BA Political Science, Economics, Sociology 7 Semesters
BA History, Political Science, Sociology -
B.A Journalism, English, Psychology -
B.Ed 2
D.E L.Ed 2
BBA - Aviation Management 2
M.Sc Biotechnology 2
M.Sc Microbiology 2
M.Sc Biochemistry 2
M.Sc Chemistry (Organic Specialisation) 2
M.Sc. Computer Science 2
M.Sc Physics 2
M.Sc Mathematics 2
M.Sc Communication 2
MA English 2
MSW Master In Social Work 2
M.Sc Chemistry (Organic Specialisation) 2
M.Ed 2
M.Com 2
M.Com (Finance & Accounting) 2

Bangalore City College Courses not only develops a students’ expertise in core areas of study but also requires a considerable depth to biological sciences, paramedical science, business management, maths, technology, and other areas overall as the interdisciplinary nature of present-day business, society and research. The faculties are innovative and among the most respected academic leaders in their fields. Students work directly with them to engage in collaborative research, build a strong relationship and pursue both independent and team projects. They believe in the active, passionate pursuit of learning for a better world. Educational freedom is respected here. This is the reason why students have given positive City College Reviews.

The education that students garnered here challenges their perspectives and helps them to become advocates for global change. The innovative approach to academics will help them to shape their path as a graduate of this college.

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