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Christian Medical College Vellore Fees

The mission of Christian Medical College Vellore Fees when designed is to provide quality education at affordable rates, so that the beneficiaries will go out with the spirit of service. The medical school has made a conscious decision to charge only a nominal amount for each student. Students should not that fees once is paid cannot be refunded.

They should pay a sum of Rs 500 if they want to obtain their original documents from the Principal for the purpose of attending interviews elsewhere, after they have registered and admitted to a course. But if they fail to inform their decision either to continue or withdraw from the course within two weeks they will then both forfeit their seat as well as the security deposit.

CMC Vellore MBBS Fees (1st year) 2020
Particulars Fees
Tuition fees 3,000
One time College fee at Admission 7,300
Other Annual Fee 23,605
One-time payment to University 14,425
Total 48,330

If students after registration withdraw from a course then they will have to pay full annual fees for that course and in this case only the deposits will be refunded. But if after registration a student is offered admission in different programme in the same institution for the same academic year then CMC Vellore Fees (tuition) on request may be transferred. The fees are designed for the convenience of the students and therefore it is comparatively modest.

The aim of CMC centres on academic excellence where students can attend without facing any financial hindrance. Their dedication to affordability and access is rare among other reputed top medical schools because they value the range of perspectives that this endeavour brings to the campus community. Fees are reviewed periodically and therefore they can change without any prior notice and students need to be updated accordingly. The institution is committed to accept the best students in medical care field irrespective of any financial background.

CMC Vellore Fee Structure
Course 1st Year Fees (INR)
Undergraduate Fees
BSc Nursing 42000 (including uniform, transport & book fee)
BOT 22630
BPT 22130
BSc MLT 23280
B. Optom 23280
BSc Medical Records Science 24080
Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology 23280
BSc Critical Care Technology 23280
BSc Dialysis Technology 23280
BSc Nuclear Medicine Technology 23280
Prosthetics & Orthotics 23280
BSc Radiography & Imaging Technology 23280
BSc Radiotherapy Technology 23280
BSc Medical Sociology 23280
BSc Cardio Pulmonary Perfusion Care Technology 23280
BSc Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology 23280
BSc Neuroelectrophysiology 23280
BSc Accident and Emergency Care Technology 23280
BSc Cardiac Technology 23280
BSc Respiratory Therapy 23280
Diploma Fees
Diploma in Nursing 30000(including uniform, transport & book fee)
Diploma in Radiodiagnosis Technology (MRT) 5900
Diploma in Urology Technology 4956
Diploma in Anaesthesia Tech (Chittoor Campus) 3776
Diploma in Anaesthesia Tech 3776
Dip. in Hand & Leprosy Physiotherapy Tech 4248
Diploma in Optometry 4130
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (Chittoor Campus) 6844
Diploma in Hospital Sterilisation Technology 4248
Diploma in Optometry (Chittoor Campus) 4130
Diploma in Hospital Sterilisation Technology (Chittoor Campus) 4248
Dip. in Dermatology Laboratory Tech. 6844
Diploma in Hospital Equipment Maintenance (HEM) 4484
Postgraduate Fees
PG Diploma in Histopathological Lab. Technology 6962
PG Diploma in Medical Microbiology 7434
PG Diploma in Cardiac Technology 3776
PG Diploma in Cytogenetics 4720
PG Diploma in Genetic Diagnosis Technology 4720
PG Diploma in Assisted Reproductive Technology 4720
PG Diploma in Community Health Management 7316
PG Diploma in Hospital Administration 37996
PG Diploma in Health Economics, Policy & Financial Management 5900
Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) 75000
PG Diploma in Clinical Pastoral Counselling 7080
MSc Epidemiology 26905
MSc Biostatistics 22980
MSc Medical Physics 28330
MPH (Master of Public Health) 90000
MSc Clinical Nutrition 23955
MSc Nuclear Medicine Technology 28330

*Please note that fees are subject to change. For further details please call us on 08951993708.

Despite the extensive range of programmes offered by the institute, the main goal of CMC is to provide quality medical education training and professional development. To ensure that such services are taken by the deserving, the college has provided CMC Vellore Scholarship. Beside scholarships the institute also introduced heavily subsidized course fees. For MBBS the annual fee including accommodation is only around Rs. 26,000/- after the first year even though the full cost per student is estimated at several lakhs per annum.

  • Women Hostel fees for MBBS: 8,000
  • Men MBBS Hostel fees: 10,000
  • For Nursing: 35,700
  • Allied Health Science Degree Courses: 8,000; Yearly fees : 14,500
  • Allied Health Science Diploma Courses: 8,000; Yearly fees :15,500

Though the college is providing and extensive range of services which is reflected in their courses, hospital services, etc but the fees has been kept affordable, being a top-tier medical college. Therefore CMC Vellore Reviews has also been positive; fees being one of the attracting points of the institute.

For more details on CMC Vellore Admission visit IESOnline.

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