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Dental Colleges in Bangalore Reviews

Dental Colleges in Bangalore Reviews given by parents, faculties, students and other stake holders of the institutions have been giving a positive portray of the excellent facilities offered by the college. Most of the dental colleges in Bangalore are spread over sprawling campus with excellent infrastructure facilities and other basic requirements for acquiring an outstanding career in dental education. All the dental colleges in Bangalore offer the following facilities to the students to convene their learning process.

1. Auditorium:

The colleges house a spacious auditorium to conduct several subject enrichment and competence building activities like workshops, seminars, conferences, guest lectures, general assemblies, celebrations, observations and commemorations. The auditoriums are generally equipped with well planned acoustics and provided with excellent digital aids.

2. Cafeteria:

Dental colleges are generally provided with a hygienic canteen and cafeteria to convene the gastronomical needs of the students. The canteen and cafeteria caters delicious dishes that include a menu of both vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines that meets the needs of students with varied tastes. Students also enjoy their quick breaks by engaging themselves into informative discussions over a cup of coffee.

3. Classrooms:

Dental Colleges in Bangalore are provided with huge spacious and well ventilated lecture halls where well trained faculties deliver lectures with the help of various teaching aids that include sophisticated audio visual devices. Students are also encouraged to give general talks and presentations on various concepts in dental sciences.

4. Library:

The colleges have well constructed library blocks provided with distinguished stack of books for various departments of dental sciences. The library has a wealth of reference books, national and international journals, newsletters, research papers etc. The colleges also have separate sections for reading rooms, digital library with e books and e journals. Students can also avail book banking facilities.

5. Gymnasium:

Most of the colleges emphasize on the physical and mental fitness of the students. The colleges have a separate section of multi gymnasium with ultramodern equipments. Students can make use of the gym after college hours to keep themselves fit as a fiddle. Several mental health enhancement activities like meditation and yoga sessions are also organized by the colleges periodically.

6. Hostel:

The dental colleges generally incorporate comfortable accommodation facilities to the students who aspire to stay within the college campus. There are distinguished hostel blocks for boys and girls in most of the colleges. The hostels offer hygienic and tasty food via attached mess. The students are governed by experienced wardens and tight security. The hostels also provide various other basic facilities like pure drinking water, hot water facility, laundry, television, air conditioned rooms, attached bathrooms and many more.

7. Laboratories:

The Top Dental Colleges in Bangalore are provided with modern laboratories outfitted with latest tools and components. Students are allowed to gain practical training of how to use the devices that are used to assist oral and dental treatment under the supervision of experienced faculties. Students are also provided with an ample of internship programs.

8. Sports and Recreation:

The colleges also embrace an ample of sports and recreational facilities that convene the students to enjoy their leisure and after college hours. Most of the colleges have well spaced football, volleyball, basketball and cricket courts. The colleges also incorporate a separate indoor sports complex that has games like chess, carom, table tennis etc.

9. Transportation:

The colleges generally have a fleet of busses to convene the commutation of the students to and fro the college. Also, the students can utilize other modes of public and private transportation facilities available from various parts of the city.

Most of the colleges offering dental education in Bangalore have several committees functioning for various distinguished reasons. A few cells and committees that are organized by almost all the colleges in Bangalore are:

1. Anti Ragging Cell:

All dental institutions including the Best Dental Colleges in Bangalore have a well set Anti ragging cell that supervises the illegal ragging activities of the students. Ragging is strictly prohibited in all educational institutions of Bangalore.

2. Grievance Reddrasal Committee:

The colleges generally collect feedbacks and grievances from the students and faculties periodically. The management works on the negative side of the feedbacks and takes necessary action to fill in the loop holes of the institutes.

3. Alumni Association:

The colleges have alumni associations that support the management and faculties in all good deeds to enhance the educational excellence of the students and provide them maximum practical exposure. Most of the former students of the colleges are placed in well reputed oral healthcare centers.

4. International Students Welfare Committee:

This committee takes care of the necessities of foreign nationals who have been admitted in the institutes to pursue dental education. The committee helps the students in all aspects during their stay in the college from the submission of application to the reception of final graduation certificate.

5. Student Clubs:

The colleges also have separate clubs for various extracurricular activities in which students are made to involve like dance, arts, music, drama, literacy, sports and culture etc. The colleges also conduct a wide range of extracurricular events like annual fests, sports meets, intercollegiate and inter departmental exhibitions and sports tournaments etc.

6. Social Welfare Committee:

Dental College Courses aim to provide a value based quality dental education to all the students and also inhibit a spirit of social responsibility among the students. The colleges conduct several community outreach activities like free denture camps, school adoption programs etc.

7. NSS Clubs:

The colleges also involve the students in several activities of National Service Scheme (NSS) to instill a spirit of leadership and teamwork among the students. Students are made to take part in several community enlightening programs. Free oral health camps are conducted across the city by this committee.

8. Student Support Cell:

The student support cell of the college helps the students overcome the academic stress. The colleges offer mentoring programs and professional counseling sessions to convene the students to resolve their academic and non academic problems.

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