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Dr S R Chandrasekhar Institute Of Speech And Hearing Courses

Dr Chandrasekhar Institute Of Speech And Hearing is located in Bangalore. The institute is among the best clinical and academic Institutes in India for speech and hearing.

This speech and hearing institute was setup in 1977 and ever since it has been dedicated to giving services for persons with communication disabilities like – voice disorders, patients with hearing impairment, stuttering, cerebral palsy, cleft lip, learning disability, post-stroke communication disorders, mental retardation and autism spectrum disorders.

Dr.SRCISH as the college is known in short, in addition to providing clinical services, has also taken up the responsibility of developing crucial manpower by training professionals in all areas of language, speech and hearing sciences. The areas of Audiology (Aud), Special Education and Speech Language Pathology (SLP) are quickly emerging as promising career choices for aspiring students looking forward to a challenging and rewarding career as a Audiologist, Speech and Language Pathologist or even a Special Educator for children with Hearing Impairment.

Dr. Chandrasekhar Institute Of Speech And Hearing Courses

What is being observed is a steady rise in the demand of professionals and practitioners in the speech and hearing domain. This can be attributed to the level of awareness among people and also due to the rise in population who seem to have individuals among them with speech and hearing disabilities.

As a result the demand for speech and hearing related courses also have seen a proportional rise in demand. WIth the economy on the rise people have more disposable income and health care has become even more affordable today than ever before. These have opened up a number of opportunities for therapists and practitioners to be of service to society and land a well paid job.

The courses offered at Dr.SRCISH include graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes:

  • Diploma in Special Education (Hearing Impaired) [D.S.E. (Hearing Impaired)]: The course in Special Education gives training students to become educators/special teachers of deaf children / hearing impaired at special schools.

  • Masters in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology (MASLP): This is a postgraduate program in Speech Language Pathology, Audiology and combined Audiology & Speech Language Pathology aimed at training students in advanced courses in language, speech and hearing sciences with specialisations offered in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology or any one of them.

  • Bachelors in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology (BSLPA): Enrolled candidates are given intensive training in both clinical and theoretical aspects of language, speech and hearing (both disordered and normal). The main aim of the program is to provide students with any basic skill required for diagnosing and treating patients with language, speech and hearing disabilities.

  • Ph.D Speech & Hearing or the Bachelor of Special Education (Hearing Impairment): This is a Doctoral degree leading to a great level of knowledge by research in that particular field.

  • Audiology (M.Sc)
  • Doctoral Program in Audiology/ Speech Language Pathology/Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
  • Masters in Speech language Pathology (M.Sc)

Short duration training programmes are also given at Dr.SRCISH like:

  • Mother's Training Program
  • Sign Language Courses

All programmes offered at the institute especially the undergraduate ones and the Phd courses are affiliated to the Bangalore University and is recognised by the Rehabilitative Council of India (RCI).

The above mentioned courses have been in great demand throughout the nation. Dr.SRCISH is an institute with a rich history spanning over 4 decades which makes it an attractive destination for students all across the country. With many patients and families devastated due to hearing and speech related impairments graduates and postgraduates from the institute can hope to change their lives for the better. The aim of the institute is to churn out great practitioners who would better address the problems of today and become tools to effectively combat speech and hearing related issues.Masters in.

For more information on Dr Chandrasekhar Institute Of Speech And Hearing Admissions contact IESOnline at +91 9743 27 7777

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