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My Engineering Branch Selector Package

By now, we know that you are an Engineering College aspirant and that is a good starting point. But do you know your BEST SUITED Engineering Branch?

The discipline of engineering is extremely broad, and encompasses a range of more specialized fields of engineering, each with a more specific emphasis on particular areas of applied science, technology and types of application. With Industries now demanding more specialized work force, several new branches of engineering has also started. Some of these branches like Medical Electronics, Aero Space, Petroleum, Textile, Nuclear and Food Technology apart from the traditional ones like Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Electrical, Mechanical, Information Science, Civil and so on, have made the choice even more confusing for students.

Many students who join engineering colleges every year have absolutely no clue as to what does each branch of engineering entail. Many actually feel that they have got trapped in the wrong branch but usually this realization comes when it is too late. In order to avoid such confusion IES has introduced an assessment which can give clarity on choosing relevant branch accurately. Through this Engineering Branch selector package, one can come to know how their Career Interests in various Engineering branches are aligned with their Inherent Strengths.

Through this package, you will first take an Online Assessment, which will map your Aptitudes (The Potential and Talent that you are born with) and Your Personality (Your naturally displayed behaviour). Then post our analysis where we match your Aptitude-Personality combinations with different Engineering branches, we let you know whether the branches in which you have "Interests" are either "High Fit"' "Moderate Fit" or "Low Fit" for you. That's not all based on your Inherent strength pattern we also recommend some of the engineering branches that you can consider to utilize your strengths and work effortlessly, thereby getting a true sense of joy in doing work.

Psychometric Analysis

Step 1
Online Psychometric Assessment

  •   Aptitude Test (To check your inherent potential)
  •   Personality Test
  •   Interest Mapping

Step 2
Analysis and Processing

  •   Aptitude - Personality Combination Scores.
  •   Matching with the relevant Courses / Careers by experts.

Step 3

  •   Your BestFitStream are recommended.
  •   The Road Map of Success!