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Engineering Courses in India

Engineering specializations:

Communications Engineering Production Engineering
Computer Science Engineering Robotics Engineering
Construction Engineering Structural Engineering
Electrical Engineering Telecommunication Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering Tool Engineering
Tool Engineering Transportation Engineering
Electronics Engineering Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering Power Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering Industrial Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Marine Engineering
Automobile Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering Mechatronics Engineering
Biotechnology Engineering Metallurgical Engineering
Ceramic Engineering Mining Engineering
Chemical Engineering Petroleum Engineering

Computer Science Engineering:

The program of CSE is one of the most popular among the B-Tech aspirants. The engineering students in this course are provided with the knowledge to implement, design and manage the hardware and software of the information system. Basically this course deals with designing of computational systems with the theory of computation. This is the most sought after courses by the recruiters for Engineering College Placements.

Mechanical Engineering:

This branch of engineering provides a professional curriculum that enables the students to get a complete picture of the working mechanism of heavy machinery and tools. This course deals primarily with the physics and material science for design, manufacturing, maintenance and analysis of mechanical systems while learning engineering principles.

Electrical Engineering:

This is the core branch of the engineering discipline that dispense the skills to develop, design and maintain the components of electrical systems while insuring the safety, sustainability, reliability and quality of those systems. The students get to know about the semiconductor and its devices along with the microcontroller and microprocessor.

Civil Engineering:

This course is also one of the core branchs of engineering which primarily deals with the maintenance, construction, designing, planning and operating the infrastructures while ensuring the protection of the public and environmental health.

The engineering students are also taught to sustain an eco-friendly environment while developing better infrastructural facilities. The B-Tech Fees in India for this program is quite average and affordable in the best government colleges.

Electronics and Communication Engineering:

This course is also among the top popular engineering branches that deal with the concepts of software application in electronic devices. The students under this program are engaged in design, testing, development and research of the electronic equipment in several automated systems.

The course imparts knowledge of analog transmission, satellite communication, basic electronics, antenna theory, microwave engineering and several others. The ECE program is very popular and in much demand among the engineering aspirants.

Aerospace Engineering:

This is one of the specialized programs in the field of Engineering and Technology that deals with the study of design and development of spacecraft and aircraft. Basically, this course delves into the integrated concepts of aeronautical and astronomical engineering. This course also renders the students to learn new technologies in defense systems, space exploration and aviation industry.

Many colleges would also regulate embedded course curricula which have come under observation recently. Also, many of the government and private colleges would provide dual specializations or other embedded programs like providing a master's degree with a +1 year more year duration.

Engineering Courses
Undergraduate Courses
Course Duration & Type
Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) 4 Years – Full Time
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) 4 Years – Full Time
Post Graduate Courses
Master of Engineering (M.E) 2 Years – Full Time
Master of Technology (M.Tech) 2 Years – Full Time

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The duration of engineering courses in India is generally 4 years, comprising 8 semesters.
Different branches of engineering include Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc.

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