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IFIM Law School Courses

The IFIM Law College Courses are full time, programmewhich is the result of a collaborative effort of two renowned institutions- IFIM Business school and IFIM Law College.The specially designed program will help students to develop a deep understanding of the corporate world, equipping them to navigate the labyrinth of law.This amalgamation of distinct areas of study offers students a unique competitive advantage over their peers.Integrated courses are also hailed by recruiters and academicians alike for their ability to make students ‘industry-ready’.

IFIM Law College Courses: In keeping with IFIM’s unwavering focus on holistic development, the five years B.B.A, LLB. And three years LL.B program will be complemented with relevant co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.The personality Enhancement Program (PEP) is one such initiative.PEP is designed to deliver experiential learning through tasks and activities.Students mentorship, internships and research incubation are the other initiatives undertaken to enhance the overall development of every student studying here.

Due to this skilful curriculum and activities/ initiatives, the number in IFIM Law College Admission has increased.


  • Contemporary and comprehensive curriculum.
  • Application of enhanced learning methodologies to deliver real-time learning.
  • An experienced and dedicated faculty.
  • A strong research focus.
  • Students encouraged to practical skills and industry exposure through internships.
  • Dedicated internship and placement cell to facilitate opportunities in reputed companies and law firms.
  • Consistent mentoring of students.
  • A highly supportive student community.
  • Regular Faculty Development Programs (FDP).
  • MoU’s with premier institutes in India and abroad.
  • Co-curricular and extra- curricular activities encouraged.
  • Extensive interactions with legal luminaries, practising lawyers and judges.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure, a world-class library and computer labs with digital learning resources.
  • Student-run Moot Court Society, Debating Society, Cultural Society and Legal Aid Cell.

Moot court: Mooting is an essential educational practise for law students.Moot court is like the playground where theoretical knowledge of real-life situations is practised.It is a demonstration hall where the law students learn the etiquettes of the court and way to apply the law in a given actual situation.

The moot court ofthis institution is equipped with a cutting-edge projection system that facilitates live broadcast of international events which provides the perfect backdrop for students to learn and practice the art of oral advocacy.It can cover over 70 people.

Mooting is an integral part of the curriculum of IFIM Law College.Each student is required to participate during their 5-year law programme.A Moot Court Committee and a dedicated Moot Court Trainer oversee the functioning of the Moot Court Society(MCS).Members and office-bearers of the MCS, elected annually, are enjoined with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth functioning of the Society.A Moot Court Coordinator with vast experience in training moot teams has also been appointed to train the students. IFIM Law College has participated in the following moots.

For more detailed information regarding IFIM Law College Admission please visit IES online.

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