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IIBS College Reviews

IIBS Bangalore Reviews are based on the experiences shared by the previous students of IIBS Bangalore. IIBS Bangalore treasures these reviews and modifies their services if required on the basis of the reviews.

IIBS Bangalore Reviews cover everything associated with IIBS Bangalore educational services, referring their excellent industry interaction, realistic management curriculum, highly skilled full-time faculty team, enticing placement opportunities etc.

Being a pioneer management institution in India, IIBS Bangalore obtains some unique features in their campus.

ALP-Adventure Learning Programme:
Contemporary Management industry requires something more than just knowledge. To imbibe decision making, problem-solving, relationship building, communication, creative, innovative, time management, leadership skills among the students, IIBS Bangalore has introduced ALP-Adventure Learning Programme. This offbeat personality building program supports students to develop a dynamic working personality open to face real-world challenges and win. By taking students on an adventure trip, involving activities like rock-climbing, trekking in terrain, exploring the wilderness, the college facilitates a broad spectrum of necessary life skills.

Management Orientation Month:
IIBS Bangalore Reviews give insight on 'Management Orientation Month', practised in IIBS Bangalore. The industry expects their employees to be equipped with certain skills and attributes which enable them to complete the task given to them. The month of September in IIBS Bangalore is considered as 'Management Orientation Month', considering to bring students from different backgrounds to the vital discipline of management.

IIBS Surface:
IIBS Bangalore Reviews indicate on IIBS Surface. IIBS Surface platforms the aesthetic and creative skills of the students, by drawing their attention to organize annual cultural fest in the organization. It is indeed a great way to showcase the skills of the students while boosting their confidence level and communication skills.

Industrial Visit:
Known for the best placement opportunity beholder in the industry, IIBS Bangalore believes in giving practical orientation to their MBA & PGDM students. IIBS organize yearly basis industrial visit to facilitate practical learning and development of the students. These visits help the students to understand the way industry is working and what is required from them as employees. It helps the students to remain focus on areas of importance.

IIBS Alumni Association (IAA):
IIBS Alumni Association is a platform connecting 5000+ members all over the world, to connect opportunities among members, to facilitate growth and development through participative learning and many more.

Corporate Training:
IIBS Bangalore obtains Corporate Training Programs to connect business executives to contemporary business paradigms. This program indirectly boosts the teaching methodology IIBS is practising for their students while in the other supports ,IIBS Bangalore placements reach.

Student Activities:
Students Activities in IIBS Bangalore are programmed upon the concept of supplement learning. Different clubs are there to support the different development needs of the students.

Apart from all these facilities, IIBS Bangalore provides a free laptop to every student. They organize the international tour for the students at moderate cost.

They have reserved 50% seats for the girl candidates, to support the women empowerment in India.

For more details / clarification on Management quota admission in IIBS Bangalore Call + 91- 9743277777

Disclaimer: The information provided here is best to our knowledge. We do not guarantee the aptness of information. We would recommend to verify the information from Institute’s website as there could be changes from time to time. The above information is for students community in large and does not mean that we provide management quota admission in IIBS Bangalore. There is no process for direct admission in IIBS Bangalore. Except Foreign / NRI Quota admission in IIBS Bangalore, all other admissions takes place through IIBS Bangalore selection process only.