Indian Academy Bangalore Fee Structure

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Indian Academy Fee Structure

The Indian Academy Educational Trust (IAET) had its foundation laid by Dr. Thummala Somasekhar. Dr. Thummala is a dynamic leader and a visionary in the field of education. The Trust was set up with the aim and vision of imparting high grade education solutions. This also happens to be a shared vision among all its esteemed trustees. The educational trust focuses on a very systematic execution procedure in establishing quality educational institutions. This has resulted in a massive quantitative and qualitative growth in this field over the last couple of decades. The institutions that fall under the trust share a common aim of imparting formal, full-time education. It has also been duly recognized by the Central and State Governments. These establishments have been founded and approved in accordance with the guidelines of the Statutory Bodies. The Indian Academy Group of Institutions are mainly six in number and have been liseter below.

  • Indian Academy Degree College Autonomous - IADCA
  • Indian Academy Pre University College - IAPUC
  • Indian Academy College of Nursing - IACN
  • IA School of Management Studies - IASMS
  • Indian Academy Evening College - IAEC
  • Indian Academy School of Nursing - IACN

A number of centres exist to support the objectives of these institutions like the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Education in Human Values - SACEHV, Indian Academy Centre for Professional Excellence - IACPE, Indian Academy Centre for Student Placement Services - IACSPS, Indian Academy Centre for Research & PostGraduate Studies - IACRPGS, Indian Academy Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning - IACEL.

Over a relatively short span of time, the Indian Academy Group of Institutions have moulded itself into an acclaimed set of institutions leaving a mark on the canvas of higher education. The trust managing the institutes have an aim to design high quality curricula that meets the current industry standards for a diverse set of disciplines and erect many more institutions meeting standards.

Indian Academy Degree College Course Fees

The college offers a number of programmes. All of these programmes meet the highest quality standards in the industry. The focus from the very beginning is career development. These courses are in line with the current needs and requirements of the industry. The institute offers one of the most attractive programme fees in the state. Indian Academy Bangalore Fee Structure for the different disciplines are quite attractive to the aspiring students. The trust that manages all the Indian Academy institutes have given a strong emphasis on creating world class infrastructure, hiring the best teachers and keeping in line with industry developments. This has clearly taken the college forward in terms of acceptability among students and industry alike. IADCA has very strong ties with industry and focuses on developing innovative methods to further its progress in the field of education. Students have been at the focal point ever since the beginning and the college gives a high priority for developing students professionally.

Furthermore, Indian Academy Placements have shown promising results in the past. The college has many alumni working in some of the biggest private firms in the country. The salaries of these alumni show that students can easily cover their educational expenses one they land a job.

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