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Indian Academy Placements

The Indian Academy Educational Trust (IAET) was founded by Dr. Thummala Somasekhar. He happens to be a visionary in the field of education. The Trust was set up with the aim and vision of imparting the best quality higher education possible. This is a common goal among its esteemed trustees. When it comes to achieving its goals the trust follows a very systematic procedure. It spearheads the establishment of quality educational institutions and this created a massive qualitative and quantitative spurt in this field over the last two decades. These institutions have a common aim of imparting full-time, formal education and are recognized by the Central and State Governments. The trust has established a number of educational institutes that have been approved as per the guidelines of Statutory Bodies. Some of the establishments set up and run by the Indian Academy Group of Institutions are given below.

  • Indian Academy Degree College Autonomous - IADCA
  • Indian Academy Pre University College - IAPUC
  • Indian Academy College of Nursing - IACN
  • IA School of Management Studies - IASMS
  • Indian Academy Evening College - IAEC
  • Indian Academy School of Nursing - IACN

These educational institutions and their long term goals are supported by a number of bodies like the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Education in Human Values - SACEHV, Indian Academy Centre for Professional Excellence - IACPE, Indian Academy Centre for Student Placement Services - IACSPS, Indian Academy Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning - IACEL and the Indian Academy Centre for Research & PostGraduate Studies - IACRPGS.

Over a very relatively short period of time, the Indian Academy Group of Institutions have grown into a highly sought after set of institutions leaving an identifiable mark on the canvas of higher education. The trust focuses on designing a high quality curricula for multiple disciplines and erect more such establishments that qualify as top of the line in their respective segments.

Training and placement at Indian Academy

As far as college reviews are concerned the Indian Academy Bangalore Placements reviews have been quite positive. The training and placement department has strived towards developing its students with the skills and competencies necessary to build powerful careers along with the opportunity to be part of reputed organisations across India and internationally. Ever since inception the college has seen a number of organisations, part of the top of the line corporate houses in India and abroad equally interested in making quality additions to their respective human resource from the campus. The performance of Indian Academy students gave way to earning a great reputation in the placements arena.

The Indian Academy Centre for Student Placement Services or IACSPS in short is a highly result-oriented professional body with years of experience in placing students in big private firms including multinational ones. The training and placement department strives to create a powerful set of skills in its students. Soft Skill training has been given a great deal of importance in today's world and is stressed up at the centre.

The talent from Indian Academy have not ceased to surprise the recruitment teams that visit the campus each year. The college has come a long way from its early days and today the students from the institute have become the go to choice for many recruiters in the country. Overall the Indian Academy Reviews for placements are quite good.

For more information on Indian Academy Bangalore Admission contact IESOnline at + 91- 9743277777

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