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Indian Academy Degree College Reviews

Indian Academy Degree College is one of the most reputed colleges among the Indian Academy Group of institutions. The group and the colleges under it have gained in reputation and significance over a very short period of time.


From the very start IADCA has focused on delivering great academic performances. The institute has built a healthy level of competition between students and helps them learn by taking a practical approach. The college is well known for its highly qualified teaching staff and their competencies which is another reason for the overall academic solid performance. The institute also takes great care in designing its course curriculum with a strong emphasis on technology updation and market readiness.


Indian Academy hostels are a symbol of idealism. The accommodations easily beat the best in Bangalore in terms of neatness, hygiene, spaciousness and learning ambiance. Students never feel away from home. The hostels are well managed and maintained with access to a number of amenities and provisions for students. The hostels generally have great security as far as students are concerned. Coming to the cuisine, there is a lot of variety with a number of dishes to choose from. Students are guaranteed to never get bored with such a great variety.


Indian Academy understands the importance of quality teaching staff. For this reason the college has taken steps to allocate the best faculty for its students. Indian Academy Degree College Reviews for faculty are quite good with students having given favorable reviews for their teachers. The teaching methodology is highly inclined towards practicals wherever possible. This is done in order to give students a taste of industry and develop problem solving mentality. Highly qualified, competent and sincere in the execution of their tasks these teachers have no equal.


The college boasts state of the art infrastructure. With well equipped labs, well maintained lecture halls, sophisticated computer centres, auditoriums, canteen and sports facilities the college has maintained its rank in meeting the best standards.


With large private companies hitting the campus placement drives every year quite a large number of students endup landing great packages. Indian Academy Bangalore Placements have impressed one and all. Every year the college seems to be improving its placement scores by leaps and bounds. The college has an enviable alumni network that makes for good support when it comes to landing jobs.

Fees Structure:

The degree college offers very attractive fees for the programs it has to offer students. The courses offered at Indian Academy are not just of great quality but are job oriented for the most part. The focus is on meeting the needs of the industry and becoming employable towards the end of the course. IADCA offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs from different disciplines and have made strong industry consultations before adopting a curriculum. Graduates and postgraduates from IADCA stand to earn great salaries after the completion of their respective programs. Indian Academy Bangalore Fee Structure is perhaps one of the most affordable if not the lowest.

Campus life:

The Indian Academy campus offers students a great chance to both learn and build extracurricular skills. The campus is largely diverse with students coming in from different backgrounds. Students are given a great deal of freedom and security. Being part of this great campus could be a great opportunity for most students.


The Indian Academy group of institutions is well recognised and considered a standard setter in the industry. The college is recognised by the NAAC, UGC and many other bodies. Students consider the college and the courses offered here of great importance in the industry. Overall Indian Academy Bangalore Ranking has been excellent on multiple fronts.

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Yes, Indian Academy, Bangalore offers hostel facilities for both boys and girls. The hostels are equipped with all the necessary amenities and are situated within the college campus.

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